My experience with Spindle

Just woke up after the first night on my Spindle mattress, and I’d like to share my experience.

I feel like the entire mattress industry is just icky. Shopping for a new mattress is gross… with all the sleazy sales tactics and overhyped nonsense out there, I’m skeptical of everything and everybody, including this site. So I was nervous about ordering a mattress online, without trying it, simply based on what I read here.

I figure, if I’m spending a third of my life with my face pressed against something, I don’t want it to be made from petroleum. And if I’m spending a hunk of money, especially on something that’s annoying to dispose of like a mattress, it’s worth spending more to get a product that lasts longer. So, healthy, clean, durable, comfortable? As far as I can tell, that means only one thing: all latex.

But latex is expensive. How to find a good deal on all latex that seems trustworthy? The best bet I found was Spindle.

I ordered the 7" full Blue Shoal (post here for a 5% discount!). My SO and I talked about upgrading to a queen, but our full bed just fits our small bedroom perfectly, and the Blue Shoal was significantly cheaper than a queen. So we decided to junk our old mattress and put the Spindle on our old platform and box springs for now. We’ll get a better base soon.

The Spindle arrived just over a week after ordering. It came in two boxes, cubes a couple feet on each side. Not as heavy and unwieldy as I imagined - one person can move the boxes around just fine. One box held the medium layer plus the cover, the other had the firm layer. My girlfriend likes a softer mattress and I like a firmer one, so I was anxious how this was going to work out…

The organic cotton mattress cover has a layer of soft latex and feels luxurious. All you do is, unzip the cover and stack the layers of latex foam inside and zip the cover back up. It helps to have two people to get the latex lined up, but I bet I could do it alone without too much trouble. It’s really not difficult, and you only have to do it once. The whole process, from receiving the boxes to having our bed put back together, took maybe a half hour.

And the bed feels absolutely amazing. It’s a perfect blend of soft-firm… you sink in decadently, but then your body is properly supported all over. We flopped on it and decided we wanted to go back to sleep immediately. I could feel my spine relaxing. I think it’s better than the most expensive hybrid latex and memory foam mattress we tried at a local store, and nearly half the price. Why would anyone pay double for memory foam that’s not as comfortable, made of poisonous chemicals, liable to mold, and won’t last as long?

Our old mattress was so worn out and busted, it was causing both of us quite a bit of pain. This morning, my girlfriend said she woke up pain-free and well-rested for the first time in a long time, and I feel great, too.

I’m hoping Spindle stays in business forever, because I don’t want to buy a mattress any other way ever again. It’s perfect. The continuous-pour latex is perfect, how it ships is perfect, throwing it together yourself is easy, you save a ton of money on what I think is the highest-quality product you can possibly buy, and the company seems genuinely decent. There’s nothing about this that isn’t a win.

I’ve got no incentive to spend time here writing this. I’m just so pleased, I want to tell everyone I know. If you need a mattress, don’t waste your time shopping around, just order a Spindle.

As an aside, I’m a big fan of tiny houses and compact spaces. Most tiny houses have low-clearance lofts for sleeping areas, so you want the thinnest mattress you can find, and also one that won’t mold (since they rest directly on solid wood), at the best price. A Spindle latex mattress would be the perfect mattress for a tiny house!

Hi CKirk,

Thanks for taking the time to share such detailed comments and feedback about your mattress and Spindle as well … I appreciate it!

As you know I think very highly of Neal and Spindle and there are also many other forum members that have purchased from them that are very happy with their mattress purchase as well.

It’s great to see that your new mattress is working out so well for you :slight_smile: