My Experience With Therapedic

After visiting Boston Bed Company I checked out Therapedic’s website to try and get more specs on the mattresses I had just tested.

What I found is that Therapedic offers many more mattresses than what was just available in the showroom. I also noticed that the models of mattresses offered at Boston Bed Company do not seem to be the same as those on Therapedic’s site. Some have the same name, but slightly different specs. Perhaps older models?

Two of the mattresses I tried at Boston Bed were nice, but I felt like they were just a little bit off from being what I was looking for. The fact that Therapedic’s site said they had many more models was very promising as I figured I’d have a good chance of finding a great match.

Unable to find the detailed specs I was looking for I contacted Therapedic via email asking for the specs and the availability of a showroom to test out there many mattresses.

Instead of trying to accurately recap my email exchange with Therapedic, I have decided to copy them here for those interested.


Hi. I was wondering if you can tell me where in the Boston area I can try out your mattresses?

I went to Boston Bed Company today, but it seems that your website has many more models that are available in the Boston Bed showroom.

Is the location in Brockton, MA just a manufacturing warehouse, or is it also a showroom where customers can test mattresses?

Thanks for your time,


Hello Mike,

Thank you for expressing interest in THERAPEDIC, our Brockton facility is the factory, not a retail showroom. If there is a specific model or mattress type of interest, I can direct you to a retailer that can help.

Mitchell Levine
Vice President of Sales
Therapedic of New England



Thanks for the reply.

To honest, after visiting Boston Bed Company and then looking on your website and realizing there are many more Therapedic mattresses, I really wanted the opportunity to try as many of them as I can.

But to be more specific, I am interested in the entire Agility and PureTouch lines. The Marina and the Rebecca.

Where can I test out these mattresses?



Although the Therapedic website shows many different lines within, each factory will pick and choose which products to produce. PureTouch and Eco Gel are shown at Boston Bed, we are not producing the Agility line at this time.

Thank you


Which PureTouch models are available at Boston Bed?


Natural Comfort and Natural Splendor. Which location did you visit? Would you like me to put you in contact with a store manager that can assist you better?



I visited the location in Framingham. They did have the Natural Comfort and Natural Splendor, however the descriptions and specs do not line up with what is listed on the Therapedic website.

Are the models offered at Boston Bed older versions/models?

The Natural Comfort offered at Boston Bed is listed as having 2" of all natural talalay latex and our factory’s exclusive 7-zone support design.

The Therapedic site has the following two models: Natural Comfort Plush and Natural Comfort II

Natural Comfort Plush (PureTouch Collection) is listed as:

Cotton stretch-knit fabric cover is natural, sustainable, organic and breathable
The quilt layer has Safeguard fiber & 1 ½" high density convoluted foam & 1" enhanced plush foam
3" of world’s finest talalay latex
1 ½" high density convoluted foam is added for comfort
the body form natural soy 6" core & base foam provides durability & comfort support
Natural Comfort II (PureTouch II) is listed as:

2" 28 ILD talalay topper
6" 1823 poly foam core
1" 1835 support foam
Neither of these descriptions match that of the bed I tested in the showroom. These both appear to be a higher quality model than the Natural Comfort mattress at Boston Bed.

The same is true for the Natural Splendor. Boston Bed advertises this bed as featuring 3 separate layers of 2" talalay latex over a special density Ther-a-Foam base.

While on the Therapedic website I find the following two versions of Natural Splendor:

Natural Splendor Pillowtop:

Natural bamboo stretch-knit fabric cover is healthy, anti-microbial, sustainable, organic & breathable
the quilt layer has safeguard fiber, & 1 ½" high-density convoluted foam & 1" enhanced plush foam
an additional 4" pillow soft talalay latex for extra plushness
a firm 7" talalay latex core provides firm support yet still conforms to your body

Natural Splendor II (PureTouch II):

2" 19 ILD talalay topper
2" 24 ILD talalay topper
2" 28 ILD talalay topper
6" 1823 poly foam core
1" 1835 support foam

Where would a consumer try and buy the rest of the PureTouch mattresses listed on your site?

Boston Bed has the Daniella, Ashley and Kara in the TheraWrap Collection. What about the Marina and Rebecca?

Thanks for your help,


The product on the floor at Boston Bed is most comparable with Natural Comfort II and Natural Splendor II. Each factory makes product in their specific region that works best for their market. The Rebecca and Marina are not available. I wish I could be of more assistance but the bottom line is regardless of all the info on line, you should find a mattress that is comfortable.
Best of luck


I appreciate your responses, but unfortunately none of them really help. There are many mattresses listed on your website yet I have no way to testing and then purchasing them. All that is available to me are modified versions of the models on your site.

Thanks for your time.

Hi thecountofzero,

As they mentioned, Therapedic is a licensee group that includes many privately owned factories around the country. You can see the US licensee factories here or here. As they also mentioned … each licensee can decide which mattresses they decide to build and the specs may differ from area to area even for the same mattress so the Therapedic site itself is just generic. Different factories will have different models that they make that are unique to their region and they will also often make “house brands” that are sold through various retailers (often under another name). In other words … some Therapedic mattresses may be available only locally (house brands), some may be available regionally (made by one or more of the factories) and some may be available nationally (the ones where the licensees all agree to make the same mattress).

Some factories may also be licensees of other national brands. Some other licensee groups include Restonic, Comfort Solutions, Englander, and Spring Air (you can see the top 15 manufacturers here)

Even on a local basis a local licensee factory will make many more types of mattresses than any retailer is able to carry on their floor.


Thanks for the clarification. Kind of a bummer, but understood.