My Green Mattress Organic Dreams and Natural Escape latex mattresses

Anybody sleep on these? What has your experience been?

Hi elbemattress,

I haven’t slept on either the Organic Dreams or the Natural Escape so I can’t speak from personal experience but I can offer a few suggestions that may help.

The two main functions of a mattress are comfort (pressure relief) and support (spinal alignment) and the comfort and support qualities of a mattress are unique to each person because every mattress interacts very differently with different body types or sleeping positions. Because of this … it’s usually a good idea to either test a mattress personally to see how well it matches your own unique needs and preferences or to work with a manufacturer or retailer who has the knowledge of how to use “theory” and “averages” along with any local testing you have done to improve the odds that an online choice will match your needs and preferences. In some cases if there are a few dozen reviews about a specific model and they included height/weight and sleeping position information then they could be helpful in knowing how certain groups of people felt about the mattress “on average” but without the details of the body type and sleeping positions on a specific mattress … there is no way to know whether the reviews may apply to you. Purchasing a mattress based on how it feels or performs for others can be very risky.

The quality/durability of a mattress is another part of many reviews that can be very misleading. Most consumers have little idea of how to asses the quality of a mattress and often use the word “quality” as a substitute for “comfort” which has nothing to do with the quality of a mattress… The types of reviews that would be helpful here would be the type that were posted several years after a purchase and they could have real value if they included information about what was in the mattress (so you could see which layer was probably breaking down if there was an issue) along with information about the body type and sleeping positions of the person writing the review (both of which will make a difference in how long a mattress may last). Quality is not something that can be felt and can only be assessed by knowing the details of the materials or construction that are in your mattress or with long term experience with a mattress of several years or longer. Without this information … there is no way to know the quality of a mattress. The manufacturers and retailers that provide these “quality specs” make it easy to know the quality of their mattresses and make meaningful comparisons regardless of how it may feel for any person. Even the highest quality mattress may not be suitable for the needs and preferences of any particular person.

Reviews about a manufacturer or retailer that included information about the type and quality of service, the knowledge or the staff, or the price and the value of the mattresses they sell (this would need to include the layering and material information) can be very helpful. This is an area where feedback and information from other people can be particularly useful.

I’m mentioning this because feedback about a manufacturer or retailer may be more helpful than feedback about the mattresses and you can see many comments about their quality, value, and service on the forum. A search on qualitysleep or mygreenmattress (you can just click these) will bring up many comments and feedback about them.

Other than that … while it would certainly be great for any others who have slept on these mattresses to post their experiences and feedback here … I would be very careful about translating someone else’s experience on a specific mattress into how it may perform and feel for you.

Hope this helps