My green mattress, Simple Latex vs Spindle

Hi, I have looked at your website and I find it so helpful but i wonder if you can help me with this as I can not find a comparison between the Simple Latex from My Green Mattress and the Spindle Mattress.
I ordered 2 twin xl mattresses and two toppers from the company My green mattress. They are the 9" simple latex mattresses and the toppers are 2" soft latex toppers. I am not so happy with my purchase as the mattresses have an awful smell. Not a little but a lot. I feel so disapointed. I also think the stitching done is sloppy with the inner stitching beeing undone in 2 places of one of the matress. I thought that the Gols certification of the latex would be very important to me but now I am wondering about it as the mattress smells awful (still after 10 days) and how valid is it really? I understand the certification is done in Sri Lanka and perhaps it is ok when it leaves the warehouse in Sri lanka but what happens during the shipping to the USA? Moisture gets to the latex perhaps?

I read your review about Spindle and understand their latex is actually molded in the USA and although not Gols, it is Oekotex certified. Have you done a comparision about Mygreen mattress vs Spindle? I love to hear from you. Thank you.

Hi pia.m,

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The My Green Mattress uses GOLS certified 100% natural Dunlop latex, as well as natural wool and GOTS certified cotton. All of these items can have an odor.

Latex odor is described by most people as “semi-sweet” or “vanilla-like”. The more natural (100% NR) can have a more “rubbery” smell. This usually dissipates in a few weeks. Natural wool will also tend to have an odor which some people notice, and it may actually be this to which you have your sensitivity. Everyone has their individual degree of reaction to ceratin odors, and without being in front of your mattress I couldn’t tell you exactly to which odor you may have a sensitivity. I can only let you know that these will dissipate over time, and leaving the products uncovered during the day or standing upright will help to expedite this process.

As for transport, the latex goes through a multiple stage rinsing and then drying process before leaving the factory, and these bundles are sealed quite well and don’t get wet during transport.

Regarding GOLS, this is not a certification that has anything to do with odor. It has to do, in general, with the chain of command, production componentry and production methods of the product, as well as some social standards. “Safety certifications”, such as Oeko-Tex, do test for harmful substances and VOCs (which certainly these GOLS-certified products should pass), but not all VOCs have odors and not all odors are VOCs.

Spindle does use 100% natural Dunlop latex, organic certified cotton and natural wool in their mattresses as well, and this latex is from Mountain Top in Pennsylvania. I wouldn’t know if this would “smell” much differently to you as your current mattress, as the more “natural” the material, the more variation there can be in the odor.

Ultimately, I would tell you to contact My Green Mattress directly with your concerns should the odor continue to be obtrusive to you and gather their feedback, as I do think highly of the advice that they (and Spindle) provide their clients.