My husband is back sleeper and I am stomach sleeper. We boyh have spinal problem

My husband is a back
Sleeper And I am a stomach sleeper. Both have spinal problems. We are looking for hybrid latex talalay option to suit both. Is Luma medium would work for us?

Hey Undeland,

Welcome to the Mattress Underground :slight_smile: ! Thanks for your question.

Congrats on your new mattress shopping journey, Undeland :slight_smile: ! Before we get to your question, let’s get a few more details on you and your husband to better guide you towards what mattress choices may be better suited for your needs. Could you please give your weights, heights, body profile/ how your weights are distributed, as well as preferred sleeping position(s)? You may find a review of several Phoenix articles, including “Your Sleeping Style: Overview”, “Five Steps to Your Perfect Mattress”, and “Mattress Durability: How Long Will a Mattress Last” useful as research starting points. Also, what mattress are you currently sleeping on? What size is it? How old is it? What qualities do you like/ dislike about it? If you are specifically interested in a talalay latex hybrid, have you slept on talalay latex before?

This would be a good question for Luma Sleep to answer, they are one of the TMU Expert Trusted Members and would be happy to take any questions you have. Once the above questions are answered, you’ll have a better idea how to discuss your preferences with a mattress expert and decide what materials, components and constructions would provide the best sleep for you both, as spinal problems and stomach sleeping positions require special considerations.

Looking forward to hearing more as your research progresses and thanks.