My new Latex bed - Thank you MU!

So I just wanted to put this thread here as a huge THANK YOU to Mattress Underground. Phoenix, you especially. I hadn’t bothered to post, but I trolled around in the forums for a few weeks before buying a mattress and am I ever glad I did!

I just moved up to Portland and my old bed was close to 10 years old, so we decided it was time for a change. We went to a couple of stores (selling the big brand names of course) because that’s what you do, and honestly nothing really jumped out at me. So I jumped online and found the mattress underground. After reading through the info on the site and some of the forums I learned a TON of information, a lot of which made sense to me right off the bat. And I do tend to research and confirm, and I have to say that it’s all good info too.

Anyway, after doing my research I found Parklane Mattresses, a member of this site. I walked into that store and the difference was amazing. They would tell me each of the layers in all of the mattresses, and answer all of my questions! For once I didn’t know more than the person trying to sell the bed to me.

Based on what I had read here and elsewhere I was really looking at a latex mattress. I love memory foam, but I tend to sleep really hot and I couldn’t handle that (I learned after having a memory foam mattress topper for years). I fell in love with the Overton at Parklane, and I want everyone here to know that Mattress Underground is the only reason we found such an amazing bed! The Talalay is amazing by the way.

So thank you again! And if anyone has questions on mattresses up near Portland feel free to send me a message. Obviously everything is going to be my own personal tastes, but we ended up with a fully latex bed, and a nice mattress cover to protect it. Now as soon as I can find a pillow I like it’ll be perfect!

(Attached is us moving in with our amazing new bed!)

Hi laithe,

Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts and feedback about your research and experiences … I appreciate it!

Thanks for the kind words as well. I’m glad you found us and it’s also great to see that you made such good use of the information on the site and the forum.

As you know I also think very highly of Parklane and most importantly … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Some of the information in the pillow topic here and the topics it links to may be helpful.


Thanks for the link to the pillow topic. Lots of good info there! (no surprise)

Maybe I should have posted there instead of here, but I’m curious. Do you know if it’s recommended to get a pillow cover or protector for latex pillows as well? After the pure joy my bed has been and the comments in the thread I’m tempted to go all-latex, but I don’t know much about them yet.

Hi laithe,

I don’t use one myself and just use a pillowcase but it would really depend on whether your pillow has a removable cover that can be washed and on the likelihood that perspiration or body oils would soil the pillow through the pillowcase (some people release more body fluids and oils and are more likely to soil the pillow than others) and on whether the additional protection would be worth the possibility of changing the feel or the airflow and temperature regulation of your pillow with a protector.

For some people with significant dust mite allergies then an allergy cover for a pillow can make sense as part of a larger strategy for reducing exposure to dust mite allergens.


Were there any suitable pillows at Parklane?