My new latex mattress!

Well thanks to this great site and Phoenix’s seeming endless wealth of knowledge about mattresses and mattress stores and manufacturers I’ve found myself a new mattress!

I purchased a queen sized latex mattress from Worley Beds in New Bedford, MA. First off the Worley people are fantastic. Incredibly friendly, knowledgeable and patient. Patrick there really helped guide me to the best mattress for me. No pressure, even when it came down to the choice between their own house brand and another.

Anyways here are the details on the mattress that I purchased:

Support: 6" natural talalay process rubber foam core, medium firm feeling

Comfort layers: double cone (jersey) fabric, natural cotton and HR super soft quilting foam on each side for pressure relief.

I’ve never slept on a latex mattress before and I was a little nervous about it. I had been considering a memory foam type, but just couldn’t get over the feeling of being “trapped” in the bed. The latex offered me the same level of comfort without the “trapped” feeling. As luck would have it I caught the flu the day before the mattress was delivered. I didn’t sleep all that well needless to say the first few nights on the new mattress, but since, wow! I’m waking up completely refreshed!

All in all I’m so glad I stumbled on this site and Worley Beds! Thanks again to Phoenix and to all here who’ve shared their experience.

Hi petteri,

As you know I think highly of Patrick and Worley and the knowledge, quality, value, and service they offer to their customers.

Thanks for your feedback … and most of all … congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile: