My painful mattress story - POSTURETEMP Luxury Memory Foam mattress

About 8 or so years ago I didn’t know anything about mattresses. I heard great things about MEMORY FOAM and the ALMIGHTY Tempurpedic. So I went down to my local mattress store and the time I believe Tempurpedic was still just being sold on TV. Either way we could not afford the SPACE AGE FOAM. So I said to the sales person do you have any memory foam mattresses, that is what I want! So the saleswoman took me to a memory foam bed! I was exited. The saleswoman person who told us how wonderful this mattress was; how her boyfriend had it and it was great! Well a week later the mattress started to dip a little. We had a 14 day trial period and my wife said we should take it back and I screwed up and said, “well lets see how it goes.” Well of course we missed out and did not return the mattress in time and got stuck with it. By the way this was the same bed company that I got my last mattress from. When I got my first mattress the guy could tell that my cousin and I were “poor college kids” and basically turned the screen around so we could see it and showed us how he marked the whole sale down by several steps. So now that I thought that I was armed with this knowledge I asked the saleswoman the same thing and she gave me some bullcrap reason why she could not do it. SHE SCREWED US ON THE PRICE BIG TIME. We also bought it using their credit company with no interest for 4 years. Oh … how awesome and exiting. We can pay it off in small incriments and not even get charged interest! DON’T BE LATE ON ONE PAYMENT OR GUESS WHAT … WATCH THE INTREST BEGIN BUT WAIT NOT ONLY DOES IT BEGIN BUT IF I REMEMBER CORRECTLY THEY BACK DATED THE INTREST FROM WHEN WE FIRST BOUGHT THE MATTRESS. Don’t chance it buy your mattress with CASH! Or if you buying it over the internet put the cash on a credit card and then buy it for more protection. You have to fight to stay out of debt and credit card traps! ALSO, if you only pay the minimum payment you will never finish paying it back in time and you will still get screwed and have to pay the interest. Maybe with the government laws with credit cards that will be less likely to happen now. So now let’s really punch a hole in the mattress industry. What was name of the memory foam mattress I bought and who makes it: POSTURETEMP Luxury Memory Foam mattress from classicmattress(dot)com. We were stuck with this worthless piece of garbage for years because of financial reasons. Eventually that little dip became a rut a.k.a. canoe. Talk about back pain. Back pain, back pain, back pain and restless and sleepless nights for years because of my mistake and their garbage product!