My posts not showing up

You have entered information to an obsolete form from another session. Please verify that the user account is yours and please try again! - I am getting this when I log in. y post is not showing up. It shows up in general mattress forum. Strange thing.

Hi SleepSleep,

This happens sometimes with forum software if your “session” is older and for some reason your computer goes offline for a bit and the session times out. It can be frustrating if you have been writing a post and you click to submit it and then it doesn’t work and the post is lost.

I’ve learned the hard way to highlight every post in this or any forum before I click submit after losing far too many hours of typing over the years :slight_smile:

If you get this “obsolete form” message (meaning that the form that you see is part of a session that has timed out) then if you try a second time you will be able to log in. There are actually 2 sessions when you log in to the site. One of them is the Joomla session (which is the main site software) and the other is the Kunena session (which is the forum software which integrates into Joomla) and I think what can happen sometimes is that one expires just before the other one. This is a very non technical explanation from someone who is not a software techie.

When you log in (and the software would regard this as a new log in) it takes you to the main forum page which is the “General Mattress Forum”. The log in redirect used to be set to the “Recent Topics” page but I changed this so people would see the pinned posts at the top of the list before they posted.

Hope this helps … at least from a non techie point of view.