MySide Series 6 Gold/Green Mattress

Hi John … and welcome

The Tociano Plush has over 6.5" of cheap soft polyfoam, another meaningless 1/2" of memory foam and another meaningless .79" of latex just so they can use the word latex to trap the unwary into believing that they are using quality foam. This mattress is an impression disaster waiting to happen as the polyfoam breaks down far too soon. It’s a good thing you didn’t like it!

The Annot isn’t much better as it has 5.5" of the same cheap soft polyfoam and the same 1/2" of memory foam but no latex. Another impression disaster waiting to happen.

This thread … particularly post #4 will give you a few ideas of the best places to look for quality and value in a mattress.
Post #6 here will also give you a few guidelines to help you avoid most of the pitfalls of mattress shopping.

Warranties have exclusions including that any impression must be at least 1.5" (sometimes more) with no weight on the mattress and because of this they are rarely honored. Any foam softening is considered “normal” and is not covered under a warranty since the foam has “just enough” resilience left to come back under the exclusion. This is one of the reasons why warranties are meaningless and used as a selling tool rather than as something that will protect a consumer. They have nothing to do with how long a mattress will last.

Because you are both very light, you will likely need softer than normal foam on top of a mattress (how thick will depend on your sleeping positions and preferences). This should not include more than 1" of polyfoam however as the foam in the top of your mattress is the “weak link” and polyfoam is the lowest quality of the three foams used in a mattress (latex foam, memory foam, and polyfoam). It would surprise me if you needed more than 3" in a comfort layer (less if you slept on your back or stomach primarily) and this would normally be over a support core of either polyfoam (in a higher firmness and quality than is used in the comfort layers), latex foam (the most durable and highest quality choice), or an innerspring. $2500 … even if its for a King Size … is outrageous IMO for a mattress with this much polyfoam and so little in the way of quality foam.

By far your best value will involve staying away completely from chain stores and focusing on factory direct manufacturers or sleep shops that carry them. They will tell you honestly what is in the mattress you are considering and not focus on stories or brands which tells you little to nothing about the quality of the materials in the mattress. They also are much more likely to have the knowledge and experience to fit a mattress to your needs and preferences rather than steering you towards the mattresses that they want to sell for the sake of their profit margin or commission.

If you let me know the city where you live … I’d be happy to take a look to see if I know of any better outlets in your area.