MySide Series 6 Gold/Green Mattress


I have seen some posts by the Administrator on here mentioning they did not really care for the MySide Series 6 mattress that Sleepy’s offers as they are inferior in quality and we(anyone) can find a better quality mattress at a better price. :slight_smile:

I am open to a suggestion on what might be better as I obviously don’t want to throw away money.

So a little background. I had purchased about 6 years ago a Sealy Posturepedic Positano which is one of their pillow top units. I absolutely love it. The problem is that after all these years of just me sleeping in the center and now I have my significant other…well, there is a slight body print in the center I think. I am aware that I may be able to get that covered under a prorated warranty, but so far testing out what they have available for Sealy does not seem to do any good for me as I was told my prorate will be toward a Sealy. So it does not matter how much I get if I don’t like any of the Sealy’s.

I tried out the Supreme Tociano Plus and that was too firm and constricting. Maybe too much memory foam or something. It felt like it was squeezing and constricting me when I laid down.

I then tried out the Annot Plush and even though it was a cheaper mattress it felt better. But still not as plush as the Positano.

Then we tried the MySide Series 6 Gold/Green combo and that seemed to be really close to what I had and loved for so long.

A little more info. I weight about 135 pounds and my fiance weighs about 95 pounds. So we are both very light.

So any suggestions would be really great. By the way, they quoted me $2,500 on the kind mattress.

Best regards,

Hi John … and welcome

The Tociano Plush has over 6.5" of cheap soft polyfoam, another meaningless 1/2" of memory foam and another meaningless .79" of latex just so they can use the word latex to trap the unwary into believing that they are using quality foam. This mattress is an impression disaster waiting to happen as the polyfoam breaks down far too soon. It’s a good thing you didn’t like it!

The Annot isn’t much better as it has 5.5" of the same cheap soft polyfoam and the same 1/2" of memory foam but no latex. Another impression disaster waiting to happen.

This thread … particularly post #4 will give you a few ideas of the best places to look for quality and value in a mattress.
Post #6 here will also give you a few guidelines to help you avoid most of the pitfalls of mattress shopping.

Warranties have exclusions including that any impression must be at least 1.5" (sometimes more) with no weight on the mattress and because of this they are rarely honored. Any foam softening is considered “normal” and is not covered under a warranty since the foam has “just enough” resilience left to come back under the exclusion. This is one of the reasons why warranties are meaningless and used as a selling tool rather than as something that will protect a consumer. They have nothing to do with how long a mattress will last.

Because you are both very light, you will likely need softer than normal foam on top of a mattress (how thick will depend on your sleeping positions and preferences). This should not include more than 1" of polyfoam however as the foam in the top of your mattress is the “weak link” and polyfoam is the lowest quality of the three foams used in a mattress (latex foam, memory foam, and polyfoam). It would surprise me if you needed more than 3" in a comfort layer (less if you slept on your back or stomach primarily) and this would normally be over a support core of either polyfoam (in a higher firmness and quality than is used in the comfort layers), latex foam (the most durable and highest quality choice), or an innerspring. $2500 … even if its for a King Size … is outrageous IMO for a mattress with this much polyfoam and so little in the way of quality foam.

By far your best value will involve staying away completely from chain stores and focusing on factory direct manufacturers or sleep shops that carry them. They will tell you honestly what is in the mattress you are considering and not focus on stories or brands which tells you little to nothing about the quality of the materials in the mattress. They also are much more likely to have the knowledge and experience to fit a mattress to your needs and preferences rather than steering you towards the mattresses that they want to sell for the sake of their profit margin or commission.

If you let me know the city where you live … I’d be happy to take a look to see if I know of any better outlets in your area.



Thanks for the reply as I have been reading much of what you have been writing and it is a great help! :slight_smile: I had to take some notes to keep it all straight, but I think I am actually starting to understand it all after writing it down.

I always sleep on my back, my fiancée always sleeps on her stomach.

Since we did like the MySide Series 6 Gold/Gree(the two most plush options), can you make any suggestions on what we might look for in a comfort layer from an independent? Possibly 1" latex, 1" HR polyfoam and 1" five ound memory foam?

Also keep in mind we love the Positano I got about 6 years ago, but I am guessing it is breaking down a bit on the polyfoam layer. I could not find an old spec sheet for that. Do you know what is was so it might be able to help us narrow down what we like. I think another name for the Positano is the Stonehaven.

Again, I REALLY appreciate your help as it is so hard to get a straight answer. :slight_smile:

Ohh, I live by Trenton, NJ.

Keep up the good work.

Best wishes,

Hi John,

You’re probably fortunate that you got 6 years from your mattress and I would think that your lower weight worked in your favor here. While I don’t know the exact specs of the Positano … it does seem to one of their upper end and very plush mattresses which means that it would also have had a great deal of lower quality polyfoam in the comfort layers.

I would tend to avoid polyfoam at all in the comfort layer (more than 1") unless you are at the lower end of the budget range and even here I would only include it if I was purchasing from a local manufacturer who could tell me the density and quality of the polyfoam they are using and how long it can reasonably be expected to last. It would be exceptionally rare to see a mattress with true HR polyfoam in the comfort layer, even from a local manufacturer … although you may see many places claiming they use it (without providing the specs). If you are looking at foam in your comfort layers (rather than natural fibers or other comfort materials that are described here) … your choice would be between latex and memory foam if at all possible. Some of the pros and cons of each are here (latex) and here (memory foam). If you know you like memory foam and have slept on it enough to know that you prefer this … then I would include it in your research. If you are not familiar with memory foam … then I would stick with latex as it is closer to the polyfoam feel you are used to … except it is a much higher quality foam but with better pressure relief, motion isolation, and durability qualities. Unless you are familiar with the feel of various foam combinations in your comfort layers … I would also tend to stick with one main material just for the sake of simplicity.

Lighter weights usually do best with softer foam on the top layers as they won’t sink into the mattress as much. Back sleeping is usually in the range of 2" in the comfort layer while stomach sleeping usually does best with the thinnest firmest layer possible (because of the tendency of stomach sleepers to “hammock” as their hips sink in and the back is hyperextended). A pillow under the hips and lower abdomen can help with this.

Some of the local factory direct manufacturers that are reasonably near either Philadelphia, or Wilmington, DE (within about 60 miles of any of them) include … or Pottstown (or Pottsdown), PA. Local factory direct manufacturer that makes a range of good quality and value mattresses including two sided innerspring mattresses and a number of latex and latex hybrid options. They are family owned and good people. They also make custom designs and sizes and and they are also a member of this site.
ADMIN NOTE:Retired Website | Archived Footprint: Fanwood, NJ. Factory direct manufacturer. Very helpful and knowledgeable and a member of this site as well. Makes a range of mattresses using various high quality materials including latex, innersprings, and custom foam designs. Family owned and Ron Shovlin the owner is “mattress people” and also well worth a visit for those that are in reasonable driving range. Norristown, PA. They have been making mattresses for over 100 years and make a range of two sided mattresses including latex, innersprings, memory foam, and still make old style tufted innerspring and cotton mattresses. I spoke with Red the owner here for several hours and he is knowledgeable and experienced and is fully transparent about the mattresses they make. Would also be well worth a visit.
ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint:

Directory of Verlo Mattress Locations. Find a Verlo Mattress store in your town. West Chester, Broomall, PA. Regional factory direct manufacturer with a wide range of mattresses using a range of all different materials. Have a good selection of mattresses. Clark, NJ. Factory direct manufacturer that also hand builds a variety of mattresses using high quality materials including latex and horsehair. Bensalem, PA. Local factory direct manufacturer who makes a range of mattresses. They are not as focused on information about their materials as other manufacturers and I had some difficulty getting answers to some of my more specific questions that were answered with generalities. Family owned and good people with reasonable but not the best value and transparency compared to many independent manufacturers. Make sure you find out the specs of the layers if you shop here as they may not be as willing as most manufacturers to disclose them. Highland Park, NJ. Local factory direct manufacturer that focuses on mattresses using organic materials. Good quality but in a higher budget range than many local manufacturers.

Shop Affordable Home Furnishings & Home Goods - IKEA Philadelphia, Conshohocken, PA. Carries an all Dunlop latex mattress and other latex options. See post #3 here.

There are a wide range of styles, quality ranges, degrees of hand manufacturing, materials, and prices among these so I would look at their sites and call them first to do some “phone research” and let them know your specs, your preferences, and your budget range and see which ones seem closest to what you are looking for and which ones you “connect with” in terms of their helpfulness. Some of these will also build a side by side split so that each of you can tailor your side to your own needs and preferences.

There are also some retail outlets in the Philadelphia, Trenton, and Wilmington area (NOTE: updated since the original reply) that are worth mentioning. I would check their websites or call them first and go there if I was nearby or if you want to test different types of layering as a model for an online purchase or if a phone call or their website indicated they had a mattress that had particularly good quality and value. I have included some comments or at least the brands I would include in my research at each of them (ignoring any mainstream brands they may also carry) but most of these will require more research to find out know knowledgeable and transparent they are about the layers in their mattresses and the specifics of the mattresses they carry. Doylestown, Paoli, PA. Retailer that carries a range of high quality mattresses including OMI, WJ Southard, Naturepedic, Savvy Rest, SleepTek, White Lotus, and Suite Sleep mattresses. The Savvy Rest is a “choose your own layer” mattress that would be particularly valuable in testing latex layer combinations if you are considering an online purchase even though most of these are more premium mattresses and I would make sure you make some careful value comparisons. Hellertown, PA. They carry Suite sleep, GreenSleep, WJ southard, Naturepedic, and their own private label. These are all high quality mattresses and they have many latex options but they are also in more premium price ranges so I would make some careful value comparisons here as well. Retailer in Philadelphia, PA and Princeton, NJ that also sells Savvy Rest latex mattresses. in Wilmington, New Castle, and Newark, DE. They carry Ditex and Eclipse mattresses which may be worth considering here (I would avoid the major brands they carry). North Brunswick, NJ. Feasterville, PA. Local retailer. They work primarily through appointment and through chiropractor or medical referral and will fit the mattress to the needs of their customer and their chiropractors recommendations. Private appointments often mean “expensive” and IMO they fit this category by charging (or including an extra profit in their mattresses) for “fitting” that other manufacturers do as part of their regular service but they are listed for reference and may be worth a visit. Philadelphia, PA Therapedic, Eclipse, Ditex Philadelphia, PA. Magniflex (they may not be able to supply the specs in which case I would avoid them as I would with any retailer who can’t provide the specific information about all the layers of their mattresses) Wilmington, DE. Symbol. New Castle, DE. Eclipse, Therapedic Springfield, PA. and many others in the area. Therapedic, Eclipse Philadelphia, PA. Symbol (incl gel) West Grove, PA. Englander

This should give you some good choices in your area both for high quality and value mattresses and some great advice in terms of finding a mattress that would suit your needs and preferences … and staying away from the lower quality and durability mattresses and foams that are so common in the chain stores and the major brands they sell.


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I was able to get the specs on the Sealy mattress I have that I love the feel of. As a recap, I am a back sleeper and I weigh about 140 pounds.
• Three Layer Memory Foam that is 3.5" in total
• 1" Infinalux
• 1" super soft foam
• 1" Sealy foam
• 600 DSSX Coils

Given I am really happy with the above, what layers and such would you suggest I tell one of the local manufacturers to make to give me a similar feel? I have a $2,500 budget for a king.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Diglerxxx,

Do you have a link to the specs? I’m pretty sure that they are not correct … particularly that it had 3.5" of memory foam. This doesn’t seem close to any of the Posturepedic specs which are not “memory foam” mattresses and the Positano was in the Posturepedic series which had DSX coils. The layered memory foam description sounds more like the Trueform memory foam mattresses but they didn’t have the DSX coils. So the first thing to confirm is whether your mattress was a memory foam mattress (which you can tell by pressing on it and you will see the typical memory foam slow recovery in the upper layers).

In any case, I would probably suggest testing for a layering that felt similar rather than going by specs alone. It can be very difficult to translate between different materials and layer thicknesses even with more detailed specs that are accurate … and when many of the specs are missing or seemingly incorrect from the description ,it becomes close to impossible and the way to duplicate it is by feel rather than by specs.

There are some general translations that can be made however. First is that you like and probably need softer upper layers than heavier people. You will also not need quite as firm support layers than someone who was heavier because less firm foam will “hold you up” as well as firmer foam would hold up heavier people. The goal of course would be the same as everyone which is to find the best pressure relieving comfort layer for you and to make sure that the layers under this keep you in alignment.

I would focus on about 2-3" of softer foam (and there is plenty in your budget to make this the highest quality foam like latex) over either an innerspring or polyfoam or latex support layers (you have enough in your budget for any of these although the latex support will be more than the other two options).

I would suggest doing some preliminary work on the phone from the earlier list and let them know your height, weight, and sleeping positions and your mattress preferences (once you confirm whether your present mattress is memory foam or not). Let them know that you wish to avoid low density polyfoam in the upper layers of your mattress (even though your previous mattress had it) and then let them tell you what your general options are and the prices you would be looking at with each option. Better outlets will work with you on the phone. Many others will tend to avoid giving you information and do everything in their power to get you into their store without knowing anything specific about what they carry. These are the ones to avoid (although local manufacturers tend to be more open and there are no “mass market” outlets on the list).

Once you have done your preliminary work on the phone … then I would visit the 2 or 3 outlets that seemed the most knowledgeable and helpful and had a variety of choices that may be suitable for you and had good value. From there you would be able to work with someone who knew how to advise you in person based on actually lying on the mattresses and have choices between higher quality and value mattresses. Once you have done this … if you are unsure about which may be better value (rather than more suitable which is what the testing will show you), then feel free to post any specs here along with any feedback on the mattresses you are considering.

Finding the 2 or 3 best places on the list to actually visit will help you more than focusing on duplicating specs that may not easily translate into a suitable mattress using better materials than the Positano.


Thanks, Phoenix. Just called Croydon Mattress. Very friendly and helpful and it turns out they just added two new Tempur material mattresses to their line, both with gel for added coolness. I was also interested in their suggestion of a latex mattress. I will take a ride there as soon as time allows. For anyone in the Bensalem/ Philadelphia area, their hours are M,T,W 10-6, TH,F 10-7, Sat. 9-4, Sun. 11-4

Hi trekmall,

When you visit Croydon … make sure you find out the density of any polyfoam or memory foam in their mattresses. While they have been making mattresses for a long time … they sometimes are not as open about some of the materials in their mattresses as most local manufacturers. A search on Croydon (you can just click this) will bring up more comments about this.


I visited the Magic Sleeper store which is in Pottstown, PA (not NJ!!) which is about 20 min west of King of Prussia PA. The store is somewhat run down, but these guys know their mattresses and pricing seems quite good.
But I went with the store closer to my home: Verlo mattresses out of West Chester, PA. The owner, Foster, owns this and the Broomall PA store, but he seems to be in West CHester more than broomall. Foster is a former mechanical engineer and bought the store (I think these are franchises) about 12 years ago. he gives great attention with no pressure. After reading this website thoroughly, I was armed with a lot of info and he gladly answered all of my questions. (My wife grew tired of my questions and left eh store to go shopping!) I went in three separate times over two weeks.My King size is on order and I expect to be very pleased. I’ll be back on tough if I’m not!
I HIGHLY recommend this store
(a big time consumer report fan, now a mattressunderground fan and overall demanding consumer)

Hi vince,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

Based on feedback … it seems to me that the Verlo store in West Chester (and Broomall it seems) is run by good people and this is great to see. It can turn mattress shopping from a chore to a pleasure to work with a knowledgeable and experienced “expert” that has your best interests at heart.

I’ve changed the “NJ” to “PA” in the Magicsleeper forum listings that had the state wrong. Thanks for letting me know. NOTE ADDED: They are also now a member of this site

I’m looking forward to your feedback when you’ve received your new mattress and have had a chance to sleep on it a bit.


While in the Philadephia area we checked out “Your Organic Bedroom” in Paoli (they have a showroom in Paoli and in Doylestown. They were WONDERFUL! Very helpful and not pushy at all. They had Savvy Rest and OMI and one I hadn’t heard of out of Colorado. She was more than willing to reconfigure the Savvy Rest for us based on our preferences.

Hi woofwoofgirl,

Thanks for your feedback.

I didn’t realize they had a store in Paoli or that they carried Suite sleep (the one you mentioned from Colorado) so I’ve updated the comments in post #4 of the thread and the others they are listed in … thanks :slight_smile:

Angela who owns Suite Sleep is very knowledgeable and what I would call “good people” and is a forum member here as well.


I recently checked out The Magic Sleeper in Pottstown, as they seemed to have some good deals on latex mattresses. The salesperson was absolutely horrible. He acted annoyed the whole time and I could barely get any information out of him. Personally, it is not worth the drive. Maybe if your local to the area stop by and check it out, but it’s definitely not worth it coming from Philadelphia.

Hi CB,

Your experience at Magic Sleeper is unfortunate and I’m sorry to hear it. You can see some similar comments in post #12 here and post #1 - #3 here. I think that some of their staff that fill in from time to time or on weekends don’t appear to be up to the level of knowledge and service that John or Christina provide and for those that go there it’s probably a good idea to call first and make sure that either John or Christine are there when you visit.

It may also be a good idea to call and let them know about your experience so they are aware of it.

NOTE ADDED: They are also now a member of this site and they have also made some changes to their staff so that only members of their family that are knowledgeable and experienced are in the showroom.


Yes, there were other salespeople there that seemed to be helpful. I just happened to get stuck with one of the worst salespersons I’ve ever encountered.

Thank you for posting this recommendation. I’m responding so I can hopefully find this post again, because I had a hard time searching the site for philly retailers, and this is really helpful.

Hi Omega,

I’m glad you found the forum list that was closest to you.

I’m looking forward to any questions or feedback you may have along the way.


I visited the MagIc Sleeper store in Pottstown, PA. Great service from John who helped us pick just the right latex mattress and bed frame. I would definitely buy our next bed there.


Thanks for sharing your feedback and letting us know what you ended up purchasing.

It sounds like you made a good choice and as you probably know I think highly of John and Magic Sleeper.

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:


Hello Phoenix!

I am a new member and have been reading the forum for about three months, as long as we have been in the market for a new mattress.

First let me thank you for all this information! I am so excited to know that a whole world of mattresses exists outside of the big box stores!

My husband is 6’ 2", 200+ lbs. and I am 5’ 3", 115 lbs. I have neck, lower back and hip problems. We are both side sleepers. We are sleeping on an old king coil that I have extended the life of by putting layers of foam on it and replacing them when necessary. That is no longer working and for the last two months I have been sleeping in the guest room.
We have had other mattresses and they all cave in so I end up sleeping in a hammock. Rotating the mattresses always puts me in the big hole my husband left behind. I have fallen for the pillow top mattresses in the past and now see that as the weak link.

I need to keep my spine straight and I need to cushion my tender spots. My husband and I would like to have separate mattresses, side by side. We would like a firm mattress (I have often ended up sleeping on the floor beside the bed) that will not easily compress and would last a long time. For cushioning we would like to just have a separate quality piece of latex on top that can be replaced instead of the whole mattress. Any thoughts on this strategy?

We have visited one store, Verlo, in West Chester. We were helped by Foster Good (president). I asked to try a latex bed. Foster had only one that happened to be in the showroom (a special order) but explained that he has great difficulty getting latex. He then showed us the Regal (coil). After spending some time and explaining what we are looking for he helped us select two Twin XL Regal sets with two additional 1" latex pieces to act as a topper. This would cost 2349.00 with delivery. I like very much that if we need to make changes after purchasing the store will do so.

We aren’t sold on this and plan on visiting some of the other stores that you have listed in the area because as you suggest, we would like to experience other types of beds, especially the latex.

We would appreciate any ideas or thoughts that you might have for us. I am sure that I have covered all the essential posts (and then some!) about purchasing a mattress, a lot of information to process and I hope I haven’t missed anything that would pertain to us!
Thank you!

One more thing, I just want to know about the “Amish made mattresses”. They are being advertised as though this is an especially good thing that they are made by the Amish. After having recently read about the Amish puppy mills i am a bit turned off by things Amish!