MySide Series 6 mattress by Kingsdown

Hi colleen832,

That must have been the noise I heard earlier today :slight_smile:

You may have seen this already but in case you haven’t there’s more information and thoughts about the Series 4 here.

There’s also more about the Hyatt Grand Bed here.

There is quite a long list of better options in the NYC area in post #2 here and some more detailed descriptions of many of them in post #7 here.

While I would certainly take a look at some of the other websites for mattresses that may be attractive to you because there are some good choices there as well (there are a lot of manufacturers on the list with a wide range of prices and different materials and styles), … for general overall value (depending on your budget), I would tend to focus on the outlets that are closer to you in last group of 5 in the second more descriptive list I linked.