MySide Series 6 mattress by Kingsdown

I think I must be looking for more specific information than you can provide on the materials. Once again other than the qualtex product I dont see any specifics about the other polyfoams other than your opinion about them. I would assume being unaffiliated you could disclose your source information on the kingsdown rebranded polyfoam. Once again I am trying be informed properly with accurate information on the materials, and you seem to profess possessing this knowledge. I am not saying you don’t, just please show me.

Your presentation of the materials that compose the my side series 6 is a copy and paste from the sleepy’s site right own to the bullets.

This thread is entitled my side series 6 but not much other than the first post has said much about the actual makeup of this mattress.

It appears I need to believe the mattresses is a paper dragon because you say so, and you have only backed that up with a because I said so.

Hi RickyB,

That’s exactly where it came from which is why it’s a copy. There’s no secret where it came from and in the Series 4 thread where I also did an “analysis and review” I also used the specs provided by Sleepy’s (except I mentioned it in that one). I have also used many other websites to find the known specs on many major brand mattresses although the specs are almost always incomplete in terms of the quality of the foams they use.

A good place to start doing some reading would be the PFA (polyurethane manufacturers association) which has a great deal of information about polyurethane foam and it’s characteristics.

Second would be the websites of the foam manufacturers themselves some of which provide some information and some much more. The CertiPur site* has a list of most of the foam manufacturers in North America and their sites are easy to find.

ADMIN NOTE: *Removed 404 link|Archived Footprint: & replaced with latest CertiPUR list

Third would be foam outlets (there are hundreds of them) who list the specs of the various foams they offer. Once you’ve done a lot of research into the different specs … they will make sense to you and you can also see why there are such a wide variety of prices.

There are also some very informative sites that provide some quality information written by people who have many years in the industry and have a great deal of inside knowledge such as Mattressconsultant ADMIN NOTE:Removed 404 page link | Archived Footprint:

After a while … the many different descriptions of the layers in a mattress become clear and it is fairly easy to infer the types of materials that are used within a certain range. Manufacturers will also make sure people know that certain types of higher quality foams are in their mattress (such as qualatex) by including it or certain terms in their descriptions. If you have done the research and you know which types of foam are used in which parts of a mattress … it’s fairly easy to know by inference the range of densities that are being used from a more general description that includes terms like “super soft” or “hyper soft” or “HD”. For example if a foam is called super soft and it doesn’t say it’s an HR foam or at least an HD foam … it’s a very safe assumption that the foam is 1.5 lbs density or less and more often around 1.2. Even if it was 1.8 lbs which is higher quality than you will usually see in mainstream mattress comfort layers … it’s still “cheap” foam when compared to higher quality foams like HR polyfoam or latex. It’s only when foams are in the range of 2.4 lbs density and have other specs that qualify it to be called HR that you are getting comparable quality to latex and if manufacturers are using these foams they will make sure people know about it.

In the case of the Kingsdown … the prices are in the range of mattresses that only use the highest quality foams and while they don’t give the specific density … it’s not difficult to infer that it’s relatively cheap and lower density foam. It also helps to have talked with many people who are well aware of how the industry works and the influences that have made the industry what it is today and why they use the materials they do in their mattresses.

Perhaps most important of all … why would or should anyone buy any mystery foam at all when there are manufacturers who fully disclose the density and quality of their polyfoam and other materials and yet sell mattresses that use these highest quality materials at far less than anything comparable made by major brands including Kingsdown. If you did research into the industry itself … outside of even the materials that are being used … you would quickly come to know that the larger manufacturers have little interest in disclosing the specifics of their materials and tend to do whatever they can to make mattress comparisons impossible and replace facts about the quality of their materials with stories that are heavily advertised but have little substance. Even consumer reports tried to do a meaningful report on mattresses and gave up in frustration because there were no reference points that the major manufacturers disclosed about their mattresses which made qualitative comparisons possible.

But perhaps you need to do the same research and come to the same conclusions that I and many others that are inside the industry itself have come to long ago.

I could go on at far greater length (and I have in many posts in the forum and pages on the site itself) and there is so much more to this as well. Of course if it really does interest you then there are thousands of hours of reading available to you as well (start at page one of the forum and read any posts which catch your eye) not to mention people who have been in the industry for decades who will be happy to share their knowledge with you if you take the time to track them down and talk with them. I can assure you though that in the end, if your research has no vested interest or bias, you will come to the same conclusions. You will also have no trouble identifying the lower quality nature of the materials in most polyfoam mattresses and come to recognize which ones have better value … even if you can’t nail it down to the final level of specificity.

I hope this “satisfies” you but if not there’s a lot of information available where all the dots can be connected. If the more technical information from the few links and suggestions I listed don’t seem important to you … then there are always the hundreds of review sites that say the same things over and over again and list mattresses as being either “good” or “bad” with almost no facts to support their opinions outside of their own personal experiences and in most cases … subjective evaluations.


Please help!! We ordered the MySide Mattress from Sleepy’s and were going to cancel, and they took off $700 if we don’t cancel (ha ha) but I am reading some of your points here and if you could provide me with any advice or places we could try different better quality mattresses in Northern NJ I would appreciate it!

Hi maryleigh,

If you let me know the city you live in or the zip code I’d be happy to take a look :slight_smile:

In the meantime, there may be a few near you listed in post #4 here (centered in Trenton) and in post #7 here which may help.


That sound you may hear is the screeching of my brakes, lol. I just came home from shopping for a mattress for my adult daughter who recently had shoulder surgery. I came very close to buying a Series 4 MySide plush mattress, planned to return tomorrow to do so, but luckily I spotted your column!
My daughter just spent 2 weeks at a Hyatt in Fla. and, for the first time since the surgery, was actually able to sleep on a bed there, so we went out in search of that mattress, which is called a Sealy Grand. She needs a plush pillowtop mattress for comfort apparently, and at Sleepys the only one that came close was the MySide 4. At home she has a Temperpedic, but it is not comfortable for her shoulder issue. Can you suggest a local mattress manufacturer near me in NY zipcode 11561? Thanks so much for your welcome advice!

Hi colleen832,

That must have been the noise I heard earlier today :slight_smile:

You may have seen this already but in case you haven’t there’s more information and thoughts about the Series 4 here.

There’s also more about the Hyatt Grand Bed here.

There is quite a long list of better options in the NYC area in post #2 here and some more detailed descriptions of many of them in post #7 here.

While I would certainly take a look at some of the other websites for mattresses that may be attractive to you because there are some good choices there as well (there are a lot of manufacturers on the list with a wide range of prices and different materials and styles), … for general overall value (depending on your budget), I would tend to focus on the outlets that are closer to you in last group of 5 in the second more descriptive list I linked.


Greetings! I just found your site. I have been reading about mattresses all day on line. My wife and I went out to look for something and went by a Sleepy’s. Of course we stopped in. We put 10% down to “hold” Fourth of july pricing on a My Side Series 5. We were looking for a gel mattress and liked the feel. We went to a Mattress Warehouse and did not find anything that was comparable. We were quoted $2500 and now it seems that we can do better. So, the question is, where can I do better? We live in the Annapolis/Baltimore/DC triangle and there isn’t much around as far as mattresses are concerned. We have slept on a water bed for the past 30 years and this is all new to us. My wife and I are big people that can’t stand being hot while we sleep. Suggestions? We don’t mind driving to check things out…

H Four2Pool,

There are some guidelines here that may help you avoid some of the lower value choices and outlets in your area (such as the major brands and chain stores). Their sales are just marketing gimmicks and there are great value mattresses with better value than their best sale prices “negotiated” even lower available every day of the year at better outlets and factory direct manufacturers.

Some of the better choices in your area are listed in post #2 here.

Latex is the coolest sleeping foam although there are many factors that affect sleeping temperature (some of them are discussed in post #2 here) so the foam itself is only part of the puzzle. Some of the gel memory foam options may also be worth considering.

A forum search on “waterbed” (you can just click this) will bring up some threads that include people who were also transitioning from waterbeds and have information that you may find useful.



Thanks for a great website. I would recommend this to anyone shopping for a mattress. It is really nigh unto impossible to compare mattresses in an educated fashion while shopping in a store.

My wife and I bought a really nice platform king bed, and after trying a bunch of mattresses in the store, decided that we both preferred the TempurPedic Cloud Supreme. However, we decided to try out some other mattresses before quickly just buying it.

We then went to Sleepy’s the following day and got put on their Bed Match test, and got recommended a My Side Series 6 Green/Red. We laid on it as well as numerous other ones in the store, and were between that and the Tempur Cloud Supreme. Since the MySide felt great in the store, and we have owned a Kingsdown Rhapsody for the last 8 years (still really like it), we ended up taking the MySide due to the slightly cheaper price tag and gift card promotion.

The night it was delivered, I came across your website and got a sick feeling that I had been swindled into a piece of junk. We slept on the mattress and both of us had a poor nights sleep. I could fit my entire hand in the small of my back, whereas in the store I swear my lumbar region was well-supported. I was rated as a side sleeper by the Bed Match test, but when I lay on my side, my lumbar and thoracic spine would basically make a U-shape and was so uncomfortable that I inevitably rolled onto my back. My wife also kept constantly waking up with various aches and pains and general discomfort.

We decided to exchange the mattress back for the TempurPedic Cloud Supreme that we originally liked. I understand the value is not really there, but we were in need of a mattress fairly quickly and were willing to spend the money. The Tempurs also happened to be on sale by the manufacturer, so it ended up being minimal financial damage for us. It arrives tomorrow and I’m looking forward to getting a good night’s sleep again.

If we end up needing another mattress in the future, I would never go to a chain store again. Thanks for your important customer advisory!

thank you for a great site. I do find it informative and helpful; however, question still stands. My wife and I are looking for a firm mattress. We’ve tried number of them in independent stores and chains alike - thus far myside series 6 was the only one we both liked. Price quoted after all discounts and sale gimmicks was ~$1200 . I do see a lot of good points in as far as quality of materials and such are concerned and hence have second thoughts. We reside in Brooklyn, NY. Would you have any suggestions/pointers? We are looking for a firm well build mattress from quality materials in the $1500 price range?
Thank you in advance,

Hi D99,

Post #2 here includes some of the better options in the NYC area and post #7 here has some more detailed descriptions of many of them that may help you sort through the list a little better.

Most mattresses are a combination of both firm and soft to differing degrees with the “firm” part being primarily responsible for good support and alignment and the “softer” part being primarily responsible for pressure relief. With just “firm” materials a mattress would be unsleepable for most people so its the type and amount of both that creates the combination of comfort and support that meets the needs and preferences of different people. In other words … “firm” is really only half a description of a mattress because firm means one thing in the support layers (relative firmness that is suitable for supporting weight) and something else completely in the comfort layers of a mattress (less or more softness that is suitable for relieving pressure) and all mattresses have some degree of softness in the upper layers. There are many different types and combinations of layers and materials that lead to the same “end goal” of a mattress that “fits” your needs and preferences in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment and Personal preferences).

One of the goals of the site is not so much to rule out any options but for people to recognize that certain options have poor value based on the materials that are in them and to understand the importance of knowing the quality of the materials in a mattress. Without this … there is really no way to know the durability of your mattress or how long the comfort and support that you experienced in a showroom will last. You’ve probably already read this but if you feel that the ingredients that are listed in the earlier post #2 of this thread (and Sleepy’s has since taken the layer information off their site) are worth the price for the size you are buying then at least you are making a more informed decision that is based on your own personal “value equation”.

While there are much higher quality and value options available in the NYC list, they also need to meet your needs and preferences no matter what the quality of materials.


Hi VT_Storm,

Thanks for the kind words and congratulations on your new mattress. Hopefully you will be able to get some decent sleep now :slight_smile:

As you mentioned, while the Tempurpedic may not be the best value … it is certainly good quality and your “value equation” and sense of urgency and sale prices made more leisurely shopping impossible.

Tempurpedic will likely be having more sales than usual since their share prices collapsed and they have acknowledged that the competition is rather suddenly having a serious effect on their business. There is an article here which is an interesting read.

I hope you don’t need the help of the site to find a new mattress for a long time to come … but of course your friends are welcome to come and visit :slight_smile:


Hi Phoenix,

I have found your site very helpful as I was considering a MySide bed myself.
I am from Australia and have been testing out a few options over the last week.

I really liked Sleepmaker (Australian I think), Slumberland and Madison. What do you think of these brands?
I can also get Sealy commercial beds from the factory at a cheaper price, do you think that is my best option?


Hi ungerm87,

I am not familiar with the Australian market but the same “rules” would apply and these guidelines would be helpful there as well.

The brand of a mattress is not as important as the materials that are in it (we sleep on the materials and not on the label) so if you can list the layer by layer materials and specs of any mattress you are considering I’d be happy to give you my thoughts about it. The merchant should be able to provide this (either from their own spec sheets or with a call to the manufacturer) and if they can’t or won’t … I would pass the mattress by. Without this there is no way to know the quality or value of the mattress you are considering.

There are a couple of threads in the forum that list quite some factory direct manufacturers in Australia and may be helpful in your mattress shopping as well. A forum search on “Australia” (you can click the link) will bring them up.


I almost purchased the MySide 6 today and was quoted a cost of $2700 for a king. When i had a second in the store by myself i googled the mattress and came across your site. Thankfully i passed and when i left the store the salesman offered to get a manager to do something about the price if i stayed.

I am in Lansdale PA 19446, can you recommend some outlets nearby that i should look at?

Hi VikingCrown,

I’m glad you found us just in time.

There was one person some time ago where something similar happened and the store offered them an additional $600 off the mattress … and they still passed :slight_smile:

The better options that I’m aware of that are within a reasonable drive of you are in post #4 here and strangely enough the thread was started by someone who was looking at the same mattress in Trenton…


Phoenix, looking around the MagicSleeper in Pottstown seems like the closest to me.

They seem to have a good number of offerings with what looks like reasonable prices. Are there any of their mattresses that you see on their site (or know of some other way) that we should steer clear of?

I like the features of the double sided Super Plush but they don’t seem to break down the actual layers. The Luminance Plush looks good and the Tranquility Plush too (unfortunately they don’t have a Tranquility Plush to try in their store its direct ship only)

Any guidance would be greatly appreciated

Hi VikingCrown,

Their site doesn’t list all the specs and this is the “norm” for the industry. The truth is that for most people… detailed mattress specs will do more to confuse than it will to help because they wouldn’t know what the specs mean anyway. Having said that … the better manufacturers and retailers will have all the specs available for those who ask and have learned the importance of asking these types of questions (which are the minority of consumers).

I don’t think there are any that I would necessarily “steer clear of” but like any mattress purchase I would make sure I know the details and the quality specs of the layers of any mattress I was seriously considering no matter where I was buying from. My preferences there would be the mattresses they make themselves rather than the ones they carry that are made by other manufacturers. These will usually have the best value IMO and they will also be able to tell you the details of the material more easily because they make the mattresses themselves.

The ones they don’t have on the floor and ship direct would be some of the ones they don’t make themselves.

The general rule no matter where you are buying a mattress is never to buy based on brand or who makes the mattress but to make meaningful comparisons and final buying decisions based on the quality of the materials and construction that is in it along with the service and knowledge of the retailer and how well the mattress “fits” you in terms of PPP (Pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences).

This doesn’t mean that you would need to know the details of every mattress that you lie on before you lie on it … but I would ask first whether they can provide the specs of every mattress in their store so that you know if you like a particular mattress that the specs will be available as part of the final decision making process. I would only test the ones where they confirm they have the specs available if it turns out to be one that you are seriously considering.



I see this thread is a little old but here goes, I was given a 2 year old, king size MySide Series 6 mattress set from a close family member. They needed an adjustable bed. It is replacing a Sealy Posturepedic Brigadier II set that is 12 years old. Obviously based on what I have read I would not go out and buy this mattress but how could I go wrong…it cost me nothing? Also, should this type of mattress be rotated 180 periodically?

Also, I am in the market for a few single beds. My zip is 11754. Can you point me in the right direction?


Hi Frankiep77,

That’s about as good a price as you could find anywhere and no matter how long it lasts you it would be good “value” as long as it was suitable for you in terms of PPP (nothing is worth sleeping poorly or with discomfort or pain).

If the sides are the same then I would rotate it yes to help it wear more evenly. If they aren’t, then it would depend on whether you are OK with sleeping on the other side of the mattress if one side is better for you than the other.

The better options and possibilities I’m aware of in the Long Island area are listed in post #4 here.