N00b in need of help with memory foam/latex decisions

My wife and I have begun mattress shopping and were a bit taken back by the prices on memory foam mattresses. We looked at several brands including Tempurpedic and Icomfort.

She is a belly sleeper, so she prefers the more firm mattresses like the iComfort. I am a side sleeper and prefer the Tempurpedic with more of a cushion. I am mostly concerned about her comfort, because she is having back and neck issues on our current mattress.

I have read through some threads here that mention having mattresses custom made by local manufacturers. Does anyone know if there are any of these available in the Oklahoma City area? What type of price point would we be looking at for such a thing?

The thing that concerns me the most if durability for the price. I have seen several sources online that offer king size memory foam beds for around $500, so even if they only last 5 years, it is hard for me to justify shelling out $2000+ for a mattress that might only last 10 years.

Please give any advice you can. I feel lost in a sea of options here.

I found this place through a google search and plan to go talk to them. https://okmattress.com/html/products.html

Phoenix, would you be willing to chat with them as well and give me your impression? Thanks in advance.

Hi Rotjob,

Oklahoma mattress company is one of the manufacturing members here which means that I have had extensive conversations with them and believe that they are among the best local manufacturers in the country in terms of their knowledge, service, and value. While the manufacturing members who I’ve invited to become members of the site are not the only high quality local manufacturers in the country by any means … they are certainly part of what I consider to be the best of the best. The owner there is Jim and most of the time when I haven’t been able to reach him its because he’s in the back making mattresses :slight_smile:

Don’t forget too that all the manufacturing members of the site have agreed to give the members of this site (which is automatic with registration and at least one post) a 5% discount on any mattress that they purchase. All you have to do is tell them you’re a member here.

Like all the members here (and some others who are not members … yet) … I think very highly of them.


Thanks so much for the advice. We went to Oklahoma Mattress today and ordered our new mattress. They were very helpful with none of the usual BS sales gimmicks. We ended up spending less than what we could have haggled for on a name brand mattress, and will end up liking this one a lot better. Plus, we got to support a local business.

Hi ROTJob,

Congratulations on your new mattress :slight_smile:

This is exactly why a local manufacturer who is what I call “mattress people” rather than a “money machine” can turn mattress shopping from one of the most frustrating “jobs” into a genuinely pleasant experience.

Thanks for sharing your feedback.


My wife and I just visited the Oklahoma Mattress Company today and ordered a latex mattress. This was our first time ordering a latex mattress, and I hope we picked well. 6" firm, 2" medium, and 2" soft. The woman who helped us out assured us that the owner will let us swap layers until we’re satisfied with the feel. I plan to report back to this thread with how it goes.

Hi thecompnerd,

Congratulations on your new mattress. Oklahoma mattress is a great manufacturer and as you know I think very highly of them and the value they offer.

I’m looking forward to your report once you’ve had a chance to sleep on it for a while.