Narrowed down to top 2, any issues you can see?

SO my wife and I are shopping for a new mattress and have narrowed it down to two options.
The thing is, I prefer the feeling of a memory foam mattress and she prefers the feel of pocket coil with a latex topper.
I’ll give the run down on both beds as far as materials and layers and if you guys see a glaring issue with either or both please chime in.

Memory Foam: Total thickness 14" Support core 7" of HD polyfoam 1.8lbs Comfort layer: 2" HD poly 1.8lbs, 2" Memory foam with gel beads (cooling) 5lbs. has a pillow top of 1" HR foam 1.5lbs and 2" mem foam with beads 3.4lbs quilted with wool and synthetic blend.

Pocket/Latex: 12" total thick Support core bi level pocket coil mix of 14g and 12g steel, comfort layer: 3" HD poly 1.8lbs, 1" reg Poly 1.3lbs. Pillowtop 1"reg foam 1.3lbs, 1" talalay blend latex 85% quilted with synthetic fill.

Both have a HD foam outer edges to prevent rolling and extra firmness in the lumbar part of the mattress.

Let me have it!

Hi DancinDoorman,

The top 3" are a little lower density that I would normally like to see in a one sided mattress. Outside of an inch or so of lower density or unknown materials, I would normally suggest 1.8 lb polyfoam and 4 lb memory foam as a good minimum density guideline for comfort layers unless a lower budget (or lower weight) makes the added risk of using lower density and less durable materials worthwhile.

1.3 lb polyfoam is a fair bit lower than I would normally like to see in the upper layers and it’s more than “around an inch or so” so I would be cautious with this one as well … again depending on budget and your durability expectations.