Nashville, TN mattress search

Hello, I’m wanting to invest in the ideal (for me) mattress, and have been looking at Tempurpedics and Sealy Optimums (until discovering this forum). After going to one mattress store and feeling totally overwhelmed, I got online and started trying to educate myself. I’m a stomach sleeper, and like firmer mattresses (though I’ve had a Simmons beautyrest for the past 3 years). I like it, but it’s a twin and I’m finally upgrading to a queen. I’d like this to be a bed I have for a very long time. Although I’m leaning to toward trying memory foam/latex, I haven’t ruled out innersprings. Can you recommend any small business manufacturers in or around Nashville? The nice thing about the Mattresses Unlimited I went to was the 0% financing for four years. Do you know of any online/nashville manufacturers that might have the right mattress AND a similar financing option? Thanks for any advice!

Hi Bee28,

The better choices in the Nashville area that I’m aware of are listed in post #7 here.

A step by step guideline for how to find the best quality/value mattress for you is in post #1 here. this will help you avoid most of the worse choices and focus more on the better ones.

I don’t know which of these include financing options but I would also be careful with this because the rules of 0 cost financing can be very stringent and with a single late payment the costs can be added retroactively. Everything has a price … even if the price is “hidden”.

The prices at mattresses unlimited can be somewhat high. For example if you look at this latex hybrid mattress … it is over twice the price of similar mattresses available from some of the members of this site listed in post #21 here and more than several all latex mattresses as well.