Natura Split Top Harmony

We have had two beds in six years. One was an air bed that developed caverns on the pillow top, and the second is a Stearns & Fosters that developed caverns on the pillow top. I have lower back issues and am a side/stomach sleeper, while my husband has no issues and is a back sleeper. I ache so much in the morning I can hardly get out of bed. After much research, I thought latex would be the best choice. Wanting to test it out, we went to the Relax in Comfort store here.

The first mattres we tested is what they call the Natura Split Top Harmony. Here’s the breakdown:
Aloe Vera Cotton Cover
18 oz/yd Joma lambs wool
The Core 11 1/2 inches
1 inch plant based eco foam
1 inch convoluted dunlap (their spelling?) latex
4 inch talalay latex
5 inch plant based eco foam

I really liked it. Then the salesperson pushed a button and my feet elevated. We didn’t realize we were on an adjustable base. I was in heaven. We tried every type of mattress there, all on adjustable bases, and the Natura Harmony was still the best. Of course the price for the split king and base is $5,395.

Seeing our sticker shock expression, we were told of a great deal on a mattress tucked away in the corner.
Eco Memory Foam Cloud 7
Durable stretch knit top
1 inch soft density infused with plant based eco memory foam
2 inch medium density NASA memory foam
7 inch high density support base foam

I was surprised at how much I liked it. It was also on an adjustable base and would be my second choice. The split king with adjustable base was $2,995.

Can you tell me anything about these two mattresses? I loved the Harmony, but the price is too high. I definitely want an adjustable base.
We live in Orlando, Florida.

Hi dlin,

I also like adjustable bases but in a split king version they are not inexpensive. I would compare apples to apples though and first decide on mattresses as there may be much better value in buying an adjustable base somewhere else. For example … the Reverie Deluxe and the Erogmotion Deluxe are both available here in split king versions for under $2000 and these are the higher end of these two manufacturers. The leggett and Platt have less value IMO but even the highest end L&P the Prodigy (with all kinds of bells and whistles) is available for under $3000 and I am guessing that the adjustable bed you tried was the lowest model (with wired remote such as this one) which if you were looking here (a guess based on a quick google search) is more than the higher models I mentioned.

I would certainly avoid any memory foam mattress where you didn’t know the density of the memory foam and the quality of the polyfoam underneath it. While the Cloud 7 appears to be using good memory foam which I am guessing could be Aerus … it would likely be 4 lb and with only 2" it would likely be of comparable or possibly lesser value to this. Assuming this is correct, a split king version of this would be well under $800.

While this is involving some guesswork … it appears that what you were being offered for $2995 could have been purchased elsewhere for under $2300.

In terms of the Natura … while they are good quality mattresses, it appears to me that it too is overpriced based on the layering you outlined … even if you take $2500 off of your quoted price for the adjustable base. It does say though that you like a latex comfort layer … although it is always wise to test a mattress without a base that is raised since it does not give you a sense of the mattress itself and you cannot sleep with your feet raised while you are on your side. This is an old mattress selling trick that distorts the feel of the mattress you are considering.

There are two factory direct outlets near you that would be well worth a visit. They are a local factory direct that also manufactures all types of mattresses including latex. They are a member here and I have talked with Rick the owner enough to know that he is exceptionally helpful and knowledgeable. They make high quality mattresses and have great value. They would be well worth driving the slightly greater distance to Orange City.

Find an Original Mattress Factory Store They are a regional factory direct that manufactures all types of mattresses and have two latex models. They have good quality and good value.

There is a third that I should mention however while I have talked with them in the last week or so … I need to do a little more research into them. They are and they make(and custom build) latex mattresses that also seem to have good value based on prices they quoted me on our conversation. They were (and are) listed at another address and phone number at the BBB as being out of business though so I’m not sure yet if they went under and were resurrected or are a different company.

In any case … between these three … and particularly Fox Mattress … you will likely find the best value for a mattress in or near Orlando. If they can also sell you an adjustable base with the mattress that is comparable to the prices I listed … then this would be a bonus. Otherwise you could order this online.