is this a a good company:


Hi g1981c,

They recently went bankrupt and were bought out by Spring Air Sommex after having a lot of distribution problems and causing a lot of retailer frustration. IMO they lost their original focus on more natural products with a focus on latex and tried to become all things to all people and paid the price. Prior to this they made (and still do) some good quality mattress but they were not in the best value range compared to other manufacturers that made similar mattresses with better value. Of course manufacturer or brand comparisons are not that meaningful because the quality and value of any mattress depends on what is in it and how it compares to other similar mattresses so these are just generic comments. Any comparison or evaluation of any specific mattress they make would depend on the prices at a particular retailer and on the specific materials in the mattress compared to other similar mattresses.

A forum search on Naturaworld (you can just click this) will bring up more posts about them. A forum search on Natura will also bring up many more posts about them but will also include posts with “natural” in the post so you may have to sift through many posts to find the ones that only mention Natura.

Forum searches on any of their specific mattress models may also bring up more information because many of them have been discussed on the forum.