Natural bamboo mattress versus sterns and foster interspring with a pillowtop

I am trying to decide between a “traditional” interspring mattress from sterns and foster and a natural bamboo mattress (Sterns and Foster isabel Lux Firm versus Natura Eco Memory Foam).

I am sure that the s&f will be comfortable but am not sure about the chemicals.

I know that the bamboo will have less chemicals but I am concerned about the comfort.

Any thoughts?

Hi sablea,

Before you consider a Stearns & Foster of any kind I would read this post which includes a step by step process that will help you exclude most of the worst choices and greatly improve your odds of finding a mattress with much better quality and value. The first link in step one to this article would be especially helpful for those who are considering a major brand such as Stearns & Foster (owned by Sealy which in turn is being purchased by Tempurpedic).


If you don’t know anything about mattresses most people will subconciously think about the advertisements that they have recently seen. That is a particularly the case then it comes to mattresses. If you are a wise shopper however and investigate your alternatives you will soon find out that there are over 200 mattress manufacturers to choose from in the U.S.A. and you don’t have to limit yourself to the 5 that you can name. As a matter of fact those 5 that you can name are mostly about profit margin and not necessarily quality. Do yourself a favor and search online for some local and independent mattress retailers. Visit at least 3 stores that are not the large chains and you will probably start to see some great value along with quality choices.:wink:

I think that the links may be broken. The first one you mentioned sent me to a page about latex and the second to a matress store in Mass…

Hi sablea,

The first link goes to a pinned post with a step by step set of guidelines to help people find the best mattress for them. I’m not sure why you were directed to the Latex International page (I just checked the link) but here it is again.

The second link is now corrected and should have gone here (I duplicated a ULR from another post by mistake … sorry :))