Natural form mattress

Hi Looking at a natural form mattress, That uses helix air pods for support. No motor or pump. I think this system would be better for support than other air mattress. What do you think about air pods? Thanks

Hi dudley9007,

I am not a fan of airbeds (see this article) and I think there are better choices in general but the Natural Form is somewhat unique in the category because of its self adjusting features so IMO it would be among the better choices in the category. You can read a little more about them in general in post #2 here but their new airpod mattresses are even more adaptable than their old mattresses which used either vertical or horizontal chambers. They also no longer need to use foam inside the air chambers to dampen the compression because of the design of the airpods. Like their old air chambers … the airpods have valve limiters which restrict the amount of air that can be displaced in each one so that the heavier parts of your body don’t sag and sink down into the mattress too far which is one of the main weaknesses of airbeds (the air is either fully compressed or not compressed at all and there is no progressive resistance). They are also more adaptable to changing sleeping positions so you don’t have to change a setting each time you change positions to maintain alignment. The higher models also have a control which can customize and change the resistance / displacement setting of the valves.

Regardless of the support system though … I would make sure that you know the quality/density of the foam layers above the airbed which can be a weak link in any mattress but they have told me they would disclose this to any customer that was informed enough to ask. They provide a choice between polyfoam and gel memory foam. They also have a zip cover that allows the foam layers to be replaced individually rather than replacing the whole mattress.

They also have a good return policy so at least you would have the ability to test the mattress in actual use for a very reasonable length of time (120 days) and decide if the “real life” performance of the mattress justified the cost you paid relative to other mattresses you have available to you and you would have the ability to return it at no cost if it wasn’t. This way you can use your actual sleeping experience to decide whether the relatively high cost of the mattress was justified by its performance in terms of PPP (Posture and alignment, Pressure relief, and Personal preferences).


Thanks for the great insight Phoenix.