Natural Latex Beds.. 6" Enough?


We are currently in search of a new mattress, and have narrowed it down to an all-natural latex variant. The 7" All-Natural Latex Smoothtop from Rocky Mountain Mattress is the front-runner due to the rather amazing price for an all-natural Dunlop bed.

Now, my question is, for a couple desiring a firm bed, is 6" of Dunlop latex enough? Neither of us are above 160lbs, and the bed would be placed on top of a slatted platform. Additionally, if anyone could offer their experiences with Rocky Mountain latex beds I’d greatly appreciate it.


hi johntb,

A mattress with 6" of Dunlop latex would be on the firm side for many people (which you seem to prefer) but this would also depend on your body types and sleeping style and of course your preferences which can vary widely from person to person. In general though a thinner mattress would either be more suitable or preferable for lighter weights (and you are in this range) who preferred firmer mattresses in both comfort and support layers. With a single 6" core … then there is less “room” to include separate comfort and support layers so the “surface softness” comes from the initial compression of the latex while the “firmness” comes from the deeper compression of the foam. Being zoned can also help because it allows for slightly better support under the pelvis/hips while allowing the lighter areas of the body to sink in a little more. Because latex is such a resilient and supportive material … it is more suitable in thinner mattresses than other types of foam and Dunlop in particular has a higher compression modulus which means it can be “soft” with less compression but then “catches up” and gets firmer faster with deeper compression or with heavier weights (parts of the body) than other types of foam or even other types of latex (such as Talalay) which have a lower compression modulus.

The best source of answers though about the specific mattresses made by a manufacturer is the manufacturer themselves because they know every detail of their mattresses including the density of the Dunlop and how it responds to different people and also the other components of the mattress which will also have an effect on how it feels and performs with different people. Like all manufacturers they have a wide range of experience with a large customer base of different body types and sleeping positions … many of which would be similar to you in terms of needs and preferences. Their advice, guidance, and experience can be invaluable in helping customers make their best possible choice.

As you probably know … Rocky Mountain Mattress is a member of the site which means that I have had extensive conversations with them and consider them to be among the best quality/value available in the country and are one of the official recommendations of the site. They are great to talk with and a conversation with them will go a long way to being comfortable with the suitability of any choices you make. Of course the fact that they offer a 5% bonus to the members of the forum is a nice perk as well :slight_smile:

A search on “Rockymountain” (you can just click the link) will bring up many comments, questions, and feedback about them in the forum.

So in terms of “suitability” … with your weights a 6" mattress would be enough and you would not “bottom out” when you were lying or sleeping on it but the most important question would be does it feel and perform the way you want your mattress to feel and perform and this is best answered by either testing local mattresses that are similar or by talking with the manufacturer who can tell you the thoughts and feedback from their many customers who have similar needs and preferences.