Natural Latex Dry Out ?


I was just reading that natural latex apparently has oils that evaporate within the first year and after that the latex begins to dry out and degrade. And this can be slow or more rapid depending on the how well controlled the mafunacturing process was. First, is this basically true, and if so then why would a mattress foundation that allows more air to flow (such as slats) be considered a good thing for the longetivity of a latex mattess?


Hi Sonic,

The main reason that it degrades is not because it “dries out” but because it oxidizes (which makes the latex crusty). There are quite a few links in my reply to your previous question about the durability of latex which goes into this in some detail.

Here’s another link which talks about the oxidation of latex Untitled Document

This oxidation is the reason various antioxidants are added to latex formulations.

A link (one of many) that includes the composition of latex is here

I have no idea what the article you were reading was referring to but if you provide a link I’lll certainly take a look at it.

The reason for the slats is for breathability not durability.