Natural Latex vs Blended


I think I am going to go with a sleep ez mattress, because of all the good reviews on the web and the price. Either the 10000 or 13000 mattress. I am 6’3" and 225 lbs so any suggestions on configuration would be nice.

Anyway, my real question is about natural talalay vs blended talalay or natural Dunlop. Sleep ez charges more for natural talalay, is it worth it?

I suppose it is a preference thing, but if anyone could give my an opinion that would be great. An extra $300 isn’t a big deal for a 20-30 year bed, but still wondering if it is worth it.


Hi Johnson,

Post #2 here should help with the choice between natural and blended. In the end it mostly boils down to the personal importance of using a material that will be more natural, but is also more expensive, and can be less durable over a material that is but less natural, but less expensive and can be more durable.

I think that a more “interactive” discussion with Shawn that can take into account your preferences, sleeping positions, any testing you have done, and any other factors that are important to you will probably be the most accurate way to decide on the configuration which will work best for you. Unless you have done specific testing on mattresses with known layering which has made clear to you and given you confidence about the type of layering you prefer, it’s normally best to follow the suggestions of the manufacturer who will recommend the choices that others with a similar weight, shape, sleeping style, and known preferences would most commonly prefer and that would give you the best flexibility for re-arranging the layers.