Natural Rubber from India

I am looking for a mattress and found mattress factory in the fort worth area referenced from this website. Their rubber is from India, all natural; no synthetics and is neither tallalay or dunlop process, so not sure how to compare their mattress to other manufacturers. Are you familiar with Mattress factory, and can you lend any insight?


Hi Shjellyneedssleep,

I know Peter well and as a matter of fact he made the mattress that I currently sleep on which is Talalay latex. His “main” material however is a 100% natural Dunlop latex which comes from a very high quality manufacturer in India. His grandfather actually knew the supplier when they started in business.

Like the other manufacturers that are members of this site (and some who are not … yet :)), I know that he makes great mattresses that have great value. He’s also from the “old school” who knows what feels good and focuses more on how a mattress feels and performs and “fits” an individual than he does on the technical specs of the materials … although he certainly is open about how he makes them and the materials he uses (and people can certainly see his factory if they wish).

He can order Talalay (or pretty much anything else) for those who want it but this would be more of a special order than a “standard” model.

Hope this helps correct whatever the misunderstanding was.