Natural Talalay Layer WITH Return Policy

Hi All-

I am searching for a soft 3 inch natural Talalay comfort layer, but am hoping to buy from a company that has a trial period and free return shipping (like Sleep on Latex does for its Dunlop). I have been combing through the member directory, but coming up short. Does such a company exist?

Thanks, as always, for any help.

We bought a Talalay topper made by
Latex Sleep Therapy and sold on Amazon by Ultimate Sleep. It was the most affordable one I could find, and normally you would have 30 days to return in but right now due to the holidays you have until the end of January per Amazon.
I’m returning ours, and although it’s not free, I was able to call the seller directly and talk to someone about how to send it back. The quality is fantastic - it’s just turns out we prefer Dunlop over the bounciness of Talalay. Good luck in your search!

Hi ShopGirl,

Thanks for asking this question in our Mattress Forum. :slight_smile:

It looks like Shindagirl was able to find a topper that can be returned. Awesome! I wanted to comment that in many cases, toppers come with a limited return policy (within 14 or 30 days or whatever is determined by the seller) but you’ve got to dig around the FAQ/fine print on the site to find it.