Natural vs blended dunlop latex topper

Hello, a general question: which is SOFTER, provides more pressure relief - 100% natural dunlop or blended dunlop? Both are 2" toppers. I don’t have ILD info on either, nor what the blended dunlop consists of. It will be used on top of a 6" 100% natural dunlop core (32-36ILD). Thank you.

Hi Cattoo,

Both blended or natural Dunlop can be made in the similar ILD ranges, and each would generally feel similar to the other if in the same density / ILD range. The more important thing to know is the ILD of each version, not whether it is blended or natural, unless being natural is a more important part of your personal preference.

Natural latex (NR) is more elastic and stretchy. Synthetic latex (SBR) is more abrasion resistant and can be made more resistant to aging degradation. It is also easier to work with in terms of consistency. NR is more expensive than SBR. Blends are often used for reasons of cost, desirable combinations of certain latex qualities, and ease of working with the material. NR is often used for its natural qualities and because it is more elastic and resilient.

Dunlop latex has two main production variations – molded or continuous pour on a moving belt. Dunlop can be a good quality in a blend or natural version. Dunlop is more difficult to make as soft as Talalay, and it is often made in the natural version because of the greater elasticity it provides to help to try and make up for the fact that it is more difficult to make it as soft as the corresponding Talalay.

There are some newer versions of continuous pour Dunlop coming onto the market that are being made as soft as the softest Talalay which are somewhat “in between” Talalay and Dunlop although they would be closer to Dunlop in terms of how they “feel”. Continuous pour production methods result in a little less variance in terms of firmness throughout the material.

Overall, if produced in the same density, most people would have a difficult time discerning between a 2" blended and natural Dunlop layer.