Natural vs Synthetic or Blended Talalay and Memory Foam

Sorry if this is somewhere and I just didn’t see it.

I know that Talalay is not organic, but read on here that 100% natural Talalay (which is what I have been looking at) is not as durable.

Does Synthetic or Blended Talalay carry any certifications like CertiPUR, Oektex, GreenGuard Gold, Eco-Institut or does only 100% natural Talalay carry those certifications? Also, if memory foam is certified CertuPUR-US and Greenguard Gold does that take the risk of toxins away?

I’m aware of the potential faster degradation, heat retention, sink, lack of support, and all those negatives of memory foam, but I feel I should do my due diligence if I’m spending 2K on a bed.

If anyone knows of any reputable company that carries CertiPUR-US, Oketex and Greenguard Gold certified memory foam hybrid beds, please let me know.

I’m also searching for an ILD 14 Talalay topper (that’s currently on a Serta pillow top innerspring) since my 19 ILD Dunlop topper is way too firm for me (I’m older, very small, and have arthritis and degenerative disk disease, so lots of pressure points).

I’m also looking for coil/latex hybrid beds that have 14 ILD Talalay or will substitute and that’s been almost impossible to find although I just started talking with Ken at AZ Premium Mattress, and that sounds promising.

Hello macdebbie

Thank you for your inquiries.

There are two primary manufacturers of Talalay processed latex globally: Radium Foam and Talalay Global. Both produce 100% natural and blended Talalay latex and hold Oeko-Tex 100 certification for both types. Talalay latex, being more open-celled and softer compared to Dunlop, is an excellent choice for a top surface layer, offering added contour and pressure relief. At SleepEZ, we currently offer 100% natural Talalay from Talalay Global. You can purchase individual Talalay layers on our “Toppers” page here: and also find Talalay in our Organic Mattress line here: Our ILD ranges for Natural Talalay latex are as follows:

  • Soft: 19-20 ILD
  • Med: 30-32 ILD
  • Firm: 38-40 ILD
  • XFirm: 43-44 ILD

The main distinction between a layered latex mattress and a hybrid with pocketed coils lies in customization and adjustability. With an all-latex mattress, you can customize each layer’s type and density, allowing you to adjust the feel by rearranging the layers within the zippered cover. In contrast, a hybrid mattress, while comfortable for many, doesn’t offer customizable support for the coils. This means only the top contour layer (for DIY builds) can be customized. In terms of overall feel, feedback from our customers commonly notes that the hybrid mattress provides more bounce.

Thank you once again for your inquiries. Feel free to reach out anytime if you have further questions.


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Thank you for the info! Is it possible to substitute Talalay for the Dunlop comfort layer in your hybrid bed?

Also, I’m aware that Talalay comes in a super soft ILD - 14 - why is it so hard to find? Is that something that’s available via special order?

Our Select Sleep Hybrid mattress models exclusively feature a 3" soft Natural Dunlop latex layer; unfortunately, Talalay is not available for this model. However, we do offer natural Talalay in our Organic mattress line.

Regarding our past experience with offering a 14-16 ILD Talalay latex option many years ago, it didn’t see much demand due to its extreme softness. Feedback from customers who did purchase the extra soft option often indicated that it felt almost like there was no support at all. Consequently, due to the lack of demand, we discontinued offering it years ago.

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Ive heard that the blended Talalay actually has a more supple feel compared to the Natural Talalay. Is this true?


No not really, a 19 ILD blended Talalay layer will feel the same as a 19 ILD natural Talalay layer. There might be different ILD availabilities depending on whether it’s blended or natural, but if you’re comparing apples to apples, there’s no noticeable difference in feel.

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