I’m confused on what Naturalux is - is this made by Latexco or Latex Green?

When you go on Latexco’s site, they show they have a product called Naturalux. Are they making this in their GA facility or is that just their name for Latex Green’s 100% Natural Dunlop?

I’m confused!

Is there a way to determine on your piece of latex who made it?

Hi eeks,

Latexco only sells their products wholesale and not to retail consumers so you wouldn’t be able to buy their Naturalux directly anyway.

Naturalux is their name for the 100% natural Dunlop latex they supply but they don’t make it themselves and it’s made by other latex manufacturers. While they have the ability to source it from any company that makes 100% natural latex … it would almost always be made by Latex Green.

Only if the latex layer you have has a sticker or markings which identify it which isn’t always the case.


I just received some Dunlop layers that say Naturalux on the box - here is the only identifier on the layer. Anyone know if this is Latex Green or from another latex manufacturer? It has more of a sweet smell, not a rubbery smell like my Dunlop samples did.

Here are the pics -

Hi eeks,

The mold impressions on your layers don’t indicate the manufacturer.

Knowing the type and blend of latex is all that really matters because the 100% natural Dunlop made by different manufacturers are closely comparable and any good supplier will be able to tell you this.

Some suppliers (including SleepEZ) will disclose the source of their latex and some don’t for proprietary reasons but if you call the supplier you purchased from and they are one of the ones that share this information with their customers they will be able to tell you.