Nature's Sleep Memory Foam Mattresses

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Do you have an opinion on Nature’s Sleep foam mattresses?

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Hi blewis341,

Post #2 here along with post #8 here will probably be helpful.

I would need to know the details of the layering of the specific mattress you are looking at to provide more detailed feedback because any mattress … regardless of who makes it … is only as good as the construction and materials that are inside it.


3” Advanced Visco Technology Memory Foam
2” layer of pressure relieving foam
7” high density support core
CertiPUR-US® approved
Embossed 80/20 cotton blend velour cover

This is what the specs say. It is on a groupon with great reviews. It is similar to their St Lucia mattress.

If we buy just a memory foam or latex mattress and have an old box spring, is it okay to put plywood on it or would you sugget starting fresh?

Hi blewis341,

The specs you listed don’t include the most important information which is the foam density of the memory foam and the polyfoam. Without this … there is no way to know the quality of the mattress, any potential weak links in terms of durability, or make meaningful comparisons with other mattresses.

3” Advanced Visco Technology Memory Foam: You need the density of this layer in lbs/sq ft. This is a potential weak link
2” layer of pressure relieving foam: This is polyfoam and you would also need the density. This is also a potential weak link.
7” high density support core: This is also polyfoam but is probably 2.2 lbs (although I would want to know this for sure as well).
CertiPUR-US® approved: Without this … I wouldn’t consider a mattress that used Chinese foams as this one does. With it I’m OK
Embossed 80/20 cotton blend velour cover: Probably fine although it doesn’t say which number is the cotton or what the rest is (likely polyester).

Once you have this information along with the price you will pay … you can at least tell the quality and make meaningful value comparisons to other choices you have.

It would also be important to me to make sure you were dealing with someone who had the knowledge to help fit you to a mattress based on your weight, body type, sleeping positions, and preferences. The alternative to this for me would be a refund or exchange policy that costs little to nothing (including return shipping costs and any other fees) if you need to return the mattress because it isn’t suitable for your specific needs and preferences. If you aren’t dealing with someone who is knowledgeable about mattresses or haven’t done some local testing on mattresses that are very similar (and you can only know this if you find out the specifics of the layers) … you are really rolling the dice in terms of the quality of sleep you will have on the mattress.

No matter how cheap the price of a mattress … it’s wasted money if it isn’t what you need and prefer or if it turns out to use lower quality materials that won’t last.

I would tend to start over if your box spring is old and I’m also not a fan of using a solid surface as a mattress foundation unless there’s no alternative because it doesn’t ventilate as well and it can increase the risk of mold, mildew, and dust mites in the mattress. There are some good quality/value foundations in the foundation thread here and because you are looking at a memory foam mattress with a firmer polyurethane foam base, any of the choices there including some of the lower cost wire grid foundations would be fine.


This is the answer to the information on the various layers.

The memory foam is 5+ lbs., the next layer is 2.0 lbs. and the base is 2.2 lbs. The cover is 80% high grade extra soft 280 gsm cotton.

Does that make it seem like a possible good deal?
Thanks so much!

Hi blewis,

From quality/durability point of view … all the layers use good quality materials so this is the good news :slight_smile:

I can’t comment on the “deal” you are getting because I don’t know the price you are paying or the importance you place on any of the other factors that are part of the value of any mattress purchase (see the list in post #46 here) and how each person decides on their personal “value equation” but at least the part or this that includes the quality of the materials is good and there are no obvious “weak links” in terms of material quality.

Price and “commodity” value is only one part of the value of a mattress purchase though because no matter how good the “deal” … if a mattress doesn’t fit your needs and preferences when you sleep on it and if there is no recourse (or your recourse is too costly) if you make a mistake with an online purchase … then no matter what the price you paid for a mattress … it would have little or no value to you. Don’t forget that quality of materials has little to do with how suitable a mattress may be for you because even the best quality or value mattress may be completely unsuitable for any particular person in terms of PPP (pressure relief, Posture and alignment, and Personal preferences) and with an online purchase you are completely dependent on the knowledge and experience of the person selling the mattress and of course on their exchange or return policies.

Hope this helps.


From the Nature’s Sleep FAQ:

Q. Is there any latex in your mattresses?
A. We are aware that several people have latex allergies which is why all Nature’s Sleep mattresses do not contain any latex in them.

Hi varocketry,

I’m confused about why you posted one of their FAQ questions about latex in a topic that is over 2 years old.

Could you clarify the reason you posted it or whether I am missing something?