neck issues with allura - stiff neck - need a proper pillow

I would like to know which pillows would work with tempurpedic allura. Currently I have a pillow that might be too high for it. Thanks

Hi richardb,

While there are certainly some guidelines for pillows that are important (such as thicker for side sleeping, a little thinner for back sleeping with good cervical support, and thinner and flatter or no pillow at all for stomach sleeping) … beyond these basics, pillows are very much a preference issue … even more so than a mattress. People are generally even more sensitive to the type of pillow they use than a mattress because their head and skin is so close to it and the different materials and “feels” can make a big difference in a sleeping system and in how well different people sleep. This means though that there aren’t any pillows that “match” a particular mattress because the preferences of the person on the mattress is the biggest variable.

There is a “pillow thread” here though that includes some good information and links and also links to other pillow threads on the forum (I just added this in the last post) that might help you get a better sense of what you need and most importantly what you may prefer and some of the options that are available.