Need a topper for pressure point relief - wool or latex?

I was gifted a Latex Bliss Nature by a friend whose hubby didn’t like it. After sleeping on it for the first time, my hubby and I think it needs a tad more pressure point relief. I love the support it gives my lower back when I’m on my back and my waist when I’m on my side, but shoulders and hips are still feeling pressure. It’s waaaay better than our 20 year old innerspring with added memory foam topper, but I think a topper of some sort would make it “juuuust riiiight”. I was reading up on your topper posts and I noticed the recommendations for wool toppers, which I had not considered. I was thinking a soft latex topper, but now I’m wondering what the pros and cons of latex vs. wool toppers are. Thoughts? Thanks so much!

Hi woofwoofgrrl,

There is more information about wool toppers and how they compare to various foam or latex toppers (at least in general terms) in post #8 here and in posts #3 and #6 here and there are some additional comments about wool toppers and a list of some of the better sources I’m aware of in post #3 here but the choice between wool and latex would be strictly a preference choice and would depend on which material you tend to prefer sleeping on and of course on the thickness and firmness of the toppers you are comparing.

There is also more information about choosing a topper in post #2 here and the topper guidelines it links to that can help you use your sleeping experience as a reference point and guideline to help you choose the type, thickness, and firmness for a topper that has the least possible risk and the best chance for success. It also includes a link to a list of some of the better online sources for toppers I’m aware of as well.


That’s a pretty great gift! My Dunlop mattress was giving me pressure point problems, especially hip pain, and I finally managed to solve the problem by getting a Pure Latex Bliss 3" very soft topper. It might be too soft for a lot of people, but since you already have the Nature you might be able to find a store that carries PLB Nature and has a PLB topper that you could try on it to see if it gives you the feel you want. I wouldn’t trade mine for anything in the world - it falls in that “pry it from my cold dead hands” category. :slight_smile: Then again, it is very soft, but that’s just what I needed. The degree of softness is a very subjective thing, I know, and what was right for me could be totally wrong for you.