Need a topper

Hello Phoenix,

I’m in need of a topper. I was last here around April and went off of your input for a latex mattress. After looking into several options locally as suggested I ended up going with one from SleepEZ and we love it. We got the queen with a split of med/firm/xfirm and soft/med/firm. Things have been excellent as far as back pain with my husband as well as mine since we got the mattress. However we are both starting to feel the pressure point pain without the topper so I’m looking for that now.

My husband is 5’11" and 200# and I’m 5’4" and 140#. We are both back/side sleepers but I’m more of a side sleeper than he is. The bulk of what we are experiencing is shoulder pain. He has some at the hip but it’s hard to distinguish if that’s from the mattress or from his back issues which are lower back and do tend to bother his hips and legs at times.

I’m not really sure if we need the same topper or if it would need to be split like the mattress is. I’d prefer to be able to just buy one topper if we could but I don’t want to make things worse. I have read about Seven Layers topper that you and another member have talked about. It sounds interesting and seems to be reasonably priced. But is that something that would be good for our circumstance? Are there any others you have an opinion on that are reasonably priced that may be better or comparable? Our mattress height is the 10" one.

Thanks in advance for any help. If I’ve left out any info that may be pertinent in helping with suggestions let me know.

Hi waterbugs,

My first suggestion would be to talk with Shawn at SleepEz because they are happy to provide ongoing guidance to any of their customers and if you do decide on a topper they also provide a discount to their customers off their regular topper prices. If you do go in this direction I would probably keep it to 2" of “soft” because you probably only need a little bit of extra softness/thickness on top and you would want to make sure that you don’t have too much thickness for your hips to sink down into the mattress too far before reaching the firmer layers which could risk alignment. They would have many customers that they have helped in similar circumstances so it would make sense to talk with them and see what they suggest.

I think the Seven comforts topper would also make a good choice. It’s advantage is that it is shredded latex (microrods) which means it can both displace and compress in different areas. It will allow the shoulders to sink in a bit more (displacing some of the latex) while still supporting the broader hips/pelvis (less displacement and more compression) which means it can add pressure relief without compromising alignment. Of course your personal experience may be different but in “theory” it should work well.

Edit: see post #52 here first if you are considering ordering this topper.