Need Help. 1st time buyers...

Looking to replace our traditional mattress. We are leaning heavily toward the foam type mattress (memory, latex, etc.). Wife and I have tried Temperpedic, iComfort, Sleep Number & Restonic. I personally can’t believe they are the only quality options out there for the outrageous prices.

We are young (32 &31) and relatively thin. I am stomach sleeper; she is a side sleeper. Located in Austin, TX.

The Temperpedic Cloud Lux was really nice, but $4,000+ just is unreasonable. The iCloud Revolution was nice (not as nice at the Cloud Lux though) and the $2k price was acceptable to us. The Sleep Number M7 was comfy and in between on price at $3k. It may be the leader at this point. We tried a Restonic Laxex with Gel top early in the process. I don’t remember the price, but we did like the feel.

Does anyone have any advice on better options for the price that we might like? My wife’s main concern is that the quality may be less if we stray from the big dogs and that a warranty may be worth less (i.e. they go out of business). We are total newbies, but have enjoyed learning more through this very thorough website. I really want to aim for a quality mattress set that will make it 15+ years.

Thank in advance for any help!

Hi jwigginsjr,

The first thing I would suggest is to do a little bit of reading on the site.

I would start with this article which will help you avoid most of the traps and pitfalls of mattress shopping and eliminate most of the worst choices. This will help you spend your time focused on the better ones in your area.

There are many different types of foam (memory foam, polyfoam, latex, and now gel foams) as well as other components used in mattresses and each of them are very different. It’s also important to have an idea of how to fit a mattress to your own personal needs and preferences and what to test for when you are lying on mattresses. So the next thing I would do is browse the overviews in the mattresses section of the site to get an idea of the differences between the materials and different types of mattresses and what to look for in terms of how a mattress fits each person for pressure relief, posture and alignment, and preferences for different types of people and sleeping positions. There are also more detailed pages in each section if you need them. They will help you ask better questions and know what to look for and quite frankly most people who scan them will know more than most of the salespeople at the typical chain stores or mass market outlets.

The next step is to identify the better outlets in your area. These are usually the local factory direct manufacturers or smaller sleep shops that carry alternative or local brands. They tend to have the knowledge and skills to help you make your best choices and the mattresses they carry also have better quality and value. When you are dealing with people who “know their stuff” and who care more about helping you find your best choices instead of primarily helping their profit margin, your odds of making a good choice go up dramatically. The more they know the less you have to know.

Post #2 here lists the better outlets that I’m aware of in Austin.

Hope this helps.