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I spent at fire April 30, 2012. I asked a question in relation to the box spring :

Why it is still in the fire box spring charred wood but not burned?

Normally the wood after a fire destroyed and becomes ash but not in this case !!! Does that mean that the wood was chemically treated? Otherwise why wood is not burned?

Thank you for your response and I am sorry for my English because my language is French

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Daniel Blais

Hi blada19t9,

My guess would be that the box spring has a fire barrier in the ticking.


Thanx for the response.

But the wood tabs (the woods surrounding the springs) aren’t burned ! Why ? Chimical product ? However, this thickness of wood should normally be dry and highly flammable, This kind of wood normally used for starting a campfire

Can you help me ??? As I said, this mattress was purchased in 2003 and is brand Sommex company in Quebec Canada

Thnak you so much

Hi blada19t9,

It’s quite possible of course that it could be from some other factor (such as a treatment of the wood itself or even something to do with the conditions of the fire itself) but this is a question that I really can’t answer in specific terms. In the US … all foundations have to comply with the 1633 fire code (since 2007) and prior to this they had to comply with less stringent regulations (1632) but this is not the same in Canada. In many cases however … the products in Canada are manufactured the same way for manufacturing efficiency but there are may ways to comply with the fire codes in different countries and which one is used by any particular manufacturer or whether the specific product you have is fire resistant at all would probably be best asked of the manufacturer of the product.

You can read a bit more about this very complex and controversial subject in post #4 here along with post #2 here.


Thank you very much Phoenix ! You are an amazing person to me provided its information. I can not say thank you enough for your help

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