Need help choosing a frame for a latex mattress

I’m purchasing a LMF luxerion latex mattress and I’m trying to decide on a new bed frame to go with it. I was thinking I would just buy the platform frame from LMF to go with the mattress, but I’ve also been looking at other options. I really like wood bed frames which is what has prevented me from going with the LMF platform bed. I’ve been looks the KD frames nomad bed frame, but I’m worried it won’t be as sturdy as the LMF platform bed. It has slats that are closer than 3” so that’s fine. The weight limit is my concern. The website says the nomad bed is able to support 600 pounds. It seems like most frames for latex mattresses have a weight limit of 1500 lbs. Has anyone used a KD nomad frame with a pure latex mattress?

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Take a look at the big fig frame. Built like a rock!

This one too

We have multiple bedframes that support latex mattresses, as we sell a lot of latex mattresses. I’ll put a link below! As you noted, slats less than 3" apart is important.
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I have a KD Frame Charleston in a single size. I like the frame very much. I also have a 100% Latex mattress. No problems at all. But I’m 135 pounds.


Thank you for your inquiry! An all-latex mattress requires a solid, sturdy, and level foundation. Most slatted wood foundations meet these criteria. A well-built slatted wood foundation should typically support at least 1000 lbs, and many can hold up to 1500 lbs.

If the foundation you’re considering only supports up to 600 lbs, I recommend contacting the company that sells it to confirm this. If it indeed only sustains up to 600 lbs, we recommend exploring other options. Additionally, we suggest that the slats be no more than 3 inches apart to prevent the latex from pushing through the gaps as it settles over time.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any further questions. Thanks again!

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I too like the simplicity of the KD frame, but the 600lbs. scares me. I asked them about it, since they only list a single limit regardless of the size you select. Since a King is the size of two Twin-XLs, I asked specifically if the weight limit was “per side” and this was the answer:

The king size Nomad has a 600 pound weight capacity total. If you purchase an extra pair of center legs and put one under the middle of each of the side rails that would increase the weight capacity by a couple of hundred pounds.

So (my interpretation is) it seems that the limit is more about the side-rails than the slat structure, and adding a few support legs would make this an ideal, and still economical, solution.

Still wondering though if anyone found a similar offering without requiring any DIY mods? Crazy that it’s so hard to find a sufficiently-slatted base without spending $500+.