Need help choosing a new mattress

My husband and I were in desperate need of a new mattress. We made the huge mistake of going to a chain store and purchasing a Beautyrest Black Hybrid Plush king mattress. It was delivered on Saturday with a huge lump at the bottom of the mattress. We were assured the lump would “go away in a few hours once the foam had warmed up”. Over 72 hours later, it’s still there. Not only that, the mattress is not as comfortable as the one on the showroom floor. We’d like to return the mattress we just purchased, but have zero idea what to replace it with. I’ve suggested to my husband that a firm mattress with a latex topper is the way to go, but I’m not sure if that’s really the case. I’m in need of some guidance. All of the wonderful info on this site has my head spinning. I"m 5’7" and 175 pounds. My hips and shoulders would ache when sleeping on our old mattress. I would toss and turn all night. My hips never felt like they sunk into the mattress enough, and the little “sinking in” they did always felt like it was met with a layer of rock. My husband is 5’9" and 245 pounds and had general back discomfort. We both like to sleep on our sides. I’m worried a mattress which would allow me to sink in and down enough to relieve my hip pain would not be supportive enough for him. I also don’t know if all latex would be better than a mattress with separate topper. We’ve never tried latex before and we are a bit afraid to commit to a mattress we may hate and can’t return. Hoping for some advice. Much thanks!

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Sorry to hear you’re having issues with your new mattress! Is the lump you speak of appearing at all times, or only when upon your bedframe? (For example, does it go away if you move it to the floor?)

If the mattress is too soft or you find yourself sinking too deeply, then a topper isn’t going to do much (or anything, really) to remedy the issue. It’s nearly impossible to firm up a too-soft mattress or mattress with foam damage. It is possible, though, to soften a too-firm mattress. So if you’re feeling the mattress is too firm and want to soften your sleep experience, a topper would be a good choice.

This is where a split configuration can be extremely useful! For example, the Sleep EZ Organic Latex Mattress with the personalized “build your own” option suggests a latex layer configuration on your side of soft (top), medium (middle), and firm (bottom) and for your husband’s side, medium (top), firm (middle), extra firm (bottom).

What is it you want to feel when sleeping on a mattress? Do you like to sink? Do you need motion isolation? Do you prefer the traditional bounce of innersprings?


The lump is always there. What I think happened was the mattress was stood up on it’s end for some time atop of something which caused the foam on the side of the mattress to cave in. This is now pushing the foam on the side of the mattress up and displacing the foam of comfort layers of the mattress and they are now bulging.

I think my particular issue with the new mattress isn’t so much the firmness, it’s the density of the foam that I find uncomfortable. I want to feel like I’m sleeping on a cloud. Memory foam just isn’t doing that for me. I don’t like that it doesn’t bounce back right away. I find that when I sink down into it my hip feels like it’s resting on a hard surface. I think perhaps the springs in the mattress are too rigid.

My husband I went to the storeroom of a local mattress manufacturer yesterday and tried various beds. It was super helpful. We came to the conclusion we both like the feel of an innerspring mattress. Their latex mattress was far to springy and reminded us of sleeping on a waterbed. We settled on a double-sided “luxury firm” inner spring mattress with an added pillow top. I can’t believe how much cheaper is to buy straight from a manufacturer. We can’t wait to get the mattress home and sleep on it for a few nights to see how it goes.

Hi eshaffer.

Thanks for the update. It sounds like you found a winner at your local shop! We look forward to any updates that come from that :slight_smile: