Need help deciding on a latex mattress components !!!

Phoenix has done such a wonderful job that I feel so empowered in my mattress shopping adventures. I even walked into a name brand mattress giant and was able to ask the right question and completely out questioned the sales people who really had no idea about what a mattress really is…even tried to convince me how pocketed coils are far superior to anything ever put in a mattress before…I almost laughed out loud… so I have taken my mattress shopping online and am trying to decide on how to best build my latex mattress from SleepEZ but am a little confused as to what is any is the difference on some of their models…

  1. 100% Organic all natural Talaly latex vs. Talalay blend or Dunlop…is this going to impact drastically the mattress I select ?

  2. go with the 10" King ( 9in of latex) or pay an extra $300 and get the 13" King with (12 in of latex) ?

  3. How important is Organic all natural 100% Talalay Latex ? Is it worth me going with say a 10" mattress with the 100% all natural Talalay latex vs. going with the 13" mattress with the Dunlop or blended Talalay ?

Im sooo releived that I am comfortable with how to purchase a mattress now and just want to gather some more knowledge from those that have these mattress or have had to make similiar decisions. We are a 30’s something couple both pleasantly plump and parents to a restless toddler so the fleeting sleep we get is very valuable to us and we want to invest in a quality mattress that will make the couple of hours we do get the best possible !!!

Hi Restless_inNJ,

I think that the absolute best way to become “unconfused” would be to talk with them so they can tell you about the differences between the options they offer. They will give you accurate information that will help you know what is in your own best interests.

You can read more about the differences between different types of latex in this article as well as post #6 here.

In most cases … “organic” latex would be of interest for people who put more value in the certification itself than they do in the quality or performance of the material and are willing to pay a higher cost for it because 100% natural Dunlop latex and organic dunlop latex are functionally the same except for the certification itself.

In the same way … 100% natural Talalay (there is no organic Talalay) would probably be of more interest for those who are willing to pay a higher cost for a slightly less durable material (in the lower ILD’s anyway) with a very similar feel and properties just because it’s natural.

In most cases … 8" - 9" of latex is perfectly fine (and what Shawn at SleepEz normally recommends) unless other factors such as much higher weights or in some cases personal preferences indicate that more latex is a better choice. Post #14 here has more information about the potential benefits of a thicker latex mattress.

Again … there is no “organic” Talalay latex … only Dunlop. The choice between different types of latex though would strictly be a matter of personal preference based on what is most important to each particular person rather than a “better worse” choice.

When you are dealing with high quality, knowledgeable, experienced, and ethical manufacturers that will give you accurate information rather than “marketing” information … especially if they use all the different types of latex so they are more “neutral” and balanced in their outlook and the information they will provide you … the most important part of any purchase decision will be your more detailed conversations with them.

Hope this helps