Need help deciding on a memory foam mattress...

I skipped because I could not afford 1-2 months for a delivery as i saw many complaints about. tempurpedic was offering 4 year 0% financing so i pulled the trigger on a cloud select queen. as many of you may already know, tempurpedic does not give out helpful details on their products. i am curious if anyone may know the specs of what i bought?

the tempur cloud select is a bit firm thus far and ive been waking up warm/hot. i was not using a bed sheet, put it on today because i wanted to air out the smell. not sure if sleeping with out a bedsheet would make it that much warmer. my previous mattress was a “Sarah Peyton 10-Inch Convection Cooled Memory Foam Mattress” from amazon, but i didnt have a heat issue with it. the problem was after 3 years the body impression/depression i left in that sarah peyton mattress was too deep and i felt it was affecting my sleep and back.

i have thoughts of upgrading to the tempurpedic cloud supreme or cloud supreme breeze. but the cloud select @ $1700+tax was already a big expense (that i financed) for my income bracket. i may also consider just returning it all together for perhaps something else on my list. i’d appreciate if someone who knows a lot about these tempur-pedic products can chime in. or on the other listed products.

my original list came down to this (after 2 long days of research):
- TEMPUR-Cloud Select

- Amerisleep Liberty Bed (currently $950 after coupon)

  • 4" 4.5lb density BioPur™ memory foam, 8" BioCore™ base layer[/li]
  • i found out that Amerisleep BioCore™ base layer is 2.2 lb density and 36 ILD from a rep.[/li]

- My Luxury Mattress 11" Invigor Bamboo (currently $985)

  • 4" of premium 5LB 12 IFD memory and 7" of our Flex Poly

also does anyone know about, because i find it strange that “bed in a box” is their top brand over tempurpedic?

Hi jxkim,

Tempurpedic has been removing even the few specs they did have both from their site and from retailers sites it seems as well. They really don’t want people to make any kind of coparisons it seems :slight_smile:

In any case … the foam specs of the cloud select are:

1.2" of 4.1 lb memory foam
1.6" of 5.3 lb memory foam
5.2" of polyfoam @ 2.2 lbs.

With only 2.8" of memory foam … and depending on your weight … it’s quite likely that you are feeling some of the firmness from the firmer base layer below the memory foam.

You can read more about the many factors that can affect sleeping temperature in post #16 here and post #29 here which may help you offset any tendency to sleep hot.

As you probably know from reading the site I would have a hard time suggesting anyone purchase a Tempurpedic or upgrade top a more expensive version when there are so many mattresses that use the same of better quality materials for substantially less. You can read a bit more about my thoughts on Tempurpedic in post #10 here.

You can see some of my thoughts about Amerisleep at the end of both post #4 here and post #4 here and a forum search on Amerisleep (you can just click this) will bring up more information about them. As I’ve mentioned in other posts … they are in a better value range but not in the best value range IMO.

These are better value yet which is why they are listed in in post #12 here which includes some of the better memory foam options I’m aware of.

You can read some of my thoughts about mattress reviews (which is the basis for their site) in post #4 here and both sleep like the dead and bed in a box in post #2 here.


i’m a heavy guy at 5’10" 230 lbs. i like to sleep mostly on my side and find myself on my back/stomach sometimes. as i stated previously my first memory foam mattress was giving me lower back pains and now i need to find that one mattress made for me…

so i would think 4" of 5lb foam would be the minimum? i’d like your feedback phoenix on my options or what type of bed would best suit my needs. thanks for the great info

Hi jxkim,

Yes … in generic terms you would probably be looking some combination of 5 lb or greater memory foam in the range of 4" in either a single layer or multiple layers and a good quality/density and higher than average ILD base layer (to better support your greater weight).

There are different versions of memory foam or gel memory foam that have different characteristics (temperature response, recovery time, breathability, and firmness etc) and the comfort layer or layers could include a combination of different types of memory foam as well. different types of foam that either compress more or less can also affect your thickness choice. If you do go in the direction of gel memory foam … then 4 lb may be OK as well as as long as it is a type of gel memory foam where the gel would strengthen the memory foam (where the gel is mixed in as as liquid) rather than potentially weaken it (such as the type of gel memory foam that uses particulates). I would tend to avoid 4 lb “regular” memory foam because at your weight it may not be as durable as you would hope … especially as a top layer or in greater thicknesses.

One other option would be a thinner layer of memory foam (say 2" or so) and then a high quality and more resilient “transition” layer (using either high quality polyfoam or latex) in between the memory foam and the support foam which can also be a good choice. this would give a 'feel" that was more in between memory foam and more highly resilient and faster responding foam. If a thinner layer of memory foam was right on top of a very firm support layer … you may “go through” it and feel too much of the firmness underneath.

One other consideration when you have multiple sleeping positions … especially if one of them is on your stomach … is that you use “just enough” in terms of softness and thickness in the comfort layers (especially with memory foam which can continue to soften over the course of the night ) so that there is less risk of poor spinal alignment and a “swayback” position when you are sleeping on your stomach. too little could cause pressure issues on your side. Too much could cause support/alignment issues on your back or stomach.

The support layer should be a minimum of 1.8 lb density but higher density will be more durable and could be a better choice along with a little greater firmness than average (this will depend as well on the choice of the comfort layers because they will interact together). Each “piece” of the design can affect the feel and performance of the other pieces. this is why it’s so difficult to design a mattress “in theory” because there are literally thousands of variables involved.

In most cases … better manufacturers or retailers are very familiar with the components and the specific performance of their materials and mattresses and how they interact with different body types and sleeping styles and their customer database and feedback helps them to help their customers make better choices. In my opinion … this is a very important part of an online purchase where you can’t test a mattress ahead of time to know for certain how it feels and performs for you. Any feedback you can provide from local testing on mattresses where the layering is know can also help them to help you more effectively. The variables are much less because they are helping you choose between the models that they carry instead of every potential combination and option that may exist.

Some manufacturers may suggest a different layering or design than others because even though the foam densities may be similar … the other characteristics of the materials they use can be very different.

In general though this would give you some rough guidelines that you can modify in discussions with any of the manufacturers or retailers that you prefer to deal with.


well i need to give tempurpedic mattress at least 30 days…

i am considering the select foam Cirrus Supreme-ES 11". They offer financing as well which is a big point for me.
2" 4lb soy SELECT-ES™ Gel Memory Foam
2" 5.3lb soy SELECT™ GelFoam Support Layer

reviews seem bad, but seems like phoenix is a fan…

also i noticed that you said the tempurpedic cloud select was as follows, but the mattress is 10" total…

1.2" of 4.1 lb memory foam
1.6" of 5.3 lb memory foam
5.2" of polyfoam @ 2.2 lbs.

Hi jxkim,

You’re correct … the specs don’t add up.

They were listed this way in two separate places (the only places that seemed to list them at all) and I didn’t add them up.

It seems that in their process of removing the Tempurpedic specs from their site and the internet in general … that the correct specs aren’t available with any of the sites I’ve seen (about 10 pages into an internet search).

I certainly am a fan of their mattresses and they use great quality materials. They have had some recent customer service issues but in my conversations with both Matt and Chris (the owners) they are taking specific steps to improve this to make sure that things don’t continue to fall through the cracks and that outstanding issues have better followup.

Overall I would like to see their customer service improve and I’m glad that they are taking the steps they are but they also do fairly high volume and the percentage of these issues is very small … although very visible as well on a forum like this.

If I find more specific information on the Cloud Select I’ll add the information here.


We serve a lot of customers, and some have had poor experiences. Most deal with the following:

  1. Wanting to return the product and running into hurdles returning the products. We’ve addressed this by offering Free Shipping both ways.
  2. Problems with not receiving promotional items: because our promotional items ship from a different warehouse than our factory, and because not all customers say they want the promotional items, there has been hiccups here. We’ve recently ordered promotional items in bulk to ship from our facility when mattresses ship, and we are either offering them to everybody or nobody.
  3. Difficulty getting a hold of people. We were understaffed for a very long time, and did not have a dedicated customer service person (Whoever picked up the call would handle the issues at hand). We recently filled this position, and empowered this person, to handle these issues.

To be perfectly honest, we launched too many websites/bed collections at once, and were assuming that everything would run smoothly. It was a miscalculation, and something that we’ve actively taken steps to improve. The problem with relying on a “person” instead of a “system”, is that systems can be engineered to be much more error prone. So that being said, we’ve taken steps to put an amazing product out there.

ever hear of seems similar to selectfoam
the prices are similar

Hi jxkim,

Yes … they have been mentioned many times on the forum. A forum search on “angelbeds” (you can just click this) will bring up lots more information about them.

They would be worth a visit if you are in the Houston area (and they are listed as a Houston option in this post) but I don’t think they are in the “best value” group for an online purchase.

They are a sister company to Tranquility Mattress, Dream Number Beds, and the Sleep Better Store all of which are part of the Merrick Group (which is a marketing company).


We’ve heard that before; we are similar to Angelbeds in the sense that we both compare to Tempur-Pedic. Our company sweats the specs of Tempur a bit more. That being said, Angelbeds is run by good people, and I would consider them a class act.


I called tempurpedic a few times and I finally got to talk to a “product specialist”

I found out the following:

TEMPUR-Cloud Select
1.2" 4.1lb TEMPUR-ES
1.6" 5.3lb TEMPUR

TEMPUR-Cloud Supreme
2.0" 4.1lb TEMPUR-ES
2.0" 5.3lb TEMPUR

Hi jxkim,

The foam specs and layering of most of the Tempurpedic mattresses (except their new ones which would take more digging) are fairly widely available on the internet except for the polyfoam they use in their mattresses. The information about their new mattresses is a little more difficult to find. They are gradually removing most of this type of information it seems in an effort to make meaningful comparisons more and more difficult but at least for the moment you can still find most of them fairly easily.


after 2 emails to matt, a forum private message, and an email to select foams… i have had 0 responses.

i am questioning their existence, let alone customer service…

Hi jxkim,

Your emails to Matt may take a while … he is the president of the company and has mostly other duties and doesn’t usually deal directly with customer service issues or customer inquiries so you may have to wait a while to get a reply from him depending on what else he is working on or what is pressing on his time. Their customer service people are much better than he is with customer communications and inquiries and would be the best way to communicate with them. A private message here could also take a very long time to even reach him because he would need to log in to the forum to even know you had sent it and even then may not notice that he had a PM.

What was the email address you used to email them directly? If it was the right address they are usually pretty good with email replies. They are also quick to either answer the phone or return calls which is the fastest way to reach them.