Need help deciding on a memory foam mattress...

Hi jxkim,

Tempurpedic has been removing even the few specs they did have both from their site and from retailers sites it seems as well. They really don’t want people to make any kind of coparisons it seems :slight_smile:

In any case … the foam specs of the cloud select are:

1.2" of 4.1 lb memory foam
1.6" of 5.3 lb memory foam
5.2" of polyfoam @ 2.2 lbs.

With only 2.8" of memory foam … and depending on your weight … it’s quite likely that you are feeling some of the firmness from the firmer base layer below the memory foam.

You can read more about the many factors that can affect sleeping temperature in post #16 here and post #29 here which may help you offset any tendency to sleep hot.

As you probably know from reading the site I would have a hard time suggesting anyone purchase a Tempurpedic or upgrade top a more expensive version when there are so many mattresses that use the same of better quality materials for substantially less. You can read a bit more about my thoughts on Tempurpedic in post #10 here.

You can see some of my thoughts about Amerisleep at the end of both post #4 here and post #4 here and a forum search on Amerisleep (you can just click this) will bring up more information about them. As I’ve mentioned in other posts … they are in a better value range but not in the best value range IMO.

These are better value yet which is why they are listed in in post #12 here which includes some of the better memory foam options I’m aware of.

You can read some of my thoughts about mattress reviews (which is the basis for their site) in post #4 here and both sleep like the dead and bed in a box in post #2 here.