Need help deciding which mattress to purchase!

Hi there,

I was hoping you can provide some guidance. I’m trying to determine which memory foam mattress is better, between the Novaform Gel Memory Foam King mattress or the Sleep Science 10" King memory foam mattress? I’m planning on purchasing one from Costco and my budget is right around $800-$1000.®-Gel-Memory-Foam-King-Mattress.product.11621551.html|MultiItemViewCP

I have been using the Novaform Gel topper for a couple of years now and I like it a lot. But now I want to upgrade to an actual memory foam mattress but I’m not sure which one to go with. I did read some consumer reviews for these two brands and both have mixed reviews. I was hoping maybe you can give some advice or suggestions? Or maybe another brand/manufacturer that would would recommend for the same price that you feel has better quality?


Hi jaypee,

I should first mention that … the “value” of a mattress purchase has just as much to do with the knowledge and guidance of the retailer you are dealing with as it does with the value of the mattress. Just the fact that you are asking a question that Costco itself isn’t able to to answer and help you make your best choice means that the “value” of the source you are dealing with combined with the value of the mattress is not what I would be looking for. I believe there are better choices available to you in a memory foam mattress than any of the choices you are considering and I wouldn’t consider either of them without more information.

Having said all that … if you do wish to make comparisons between these two … you would need to list the material specs of each layer of both mattresses (or link to a page that does) in order to make any meaningful comparisons between them (and Costco doesn’t provide this information on the pages you linked). I have sometimes done this in the past but time prevents me from researching the specs of all the mattresses that are mentioned here and this should be provided by the retailer that is selling them anyway. As an alternative … they are often available with some internet research if you have the time available to do so. A forum search (using the forum search tab and making sure that you set the time to “anytime” and the number of results to 20) may be helpful as well.

As you can see in the memory foam guidelines in post #10 here … without this information I would pass the mattress by. There are just too many higher quality and value mattresses and manufacturers/retailers who provide both the information and guidance you need to make good choices to consider those who don’t (again unless you are happy to do the research that would be involved).

Some of the better sources of memory foam mattresses that I’m aware of are listed in post #12 here.