Need Help Finding Fitted Sheet for Latex Mattress

It is incredible the time I’ve had to spend on something that would otherwise seem so trivial…

I just bought my first latex mattress, and the cover is a cotton cover (not a conventional semi-rigid ticking type). As such, when I try to put a normal Queen fitted sheet over it, it ends up pulling on the mattress corners, and is also more taught than I’d prefer…taking away from the feel of the latex. I noticed my fitted sheets are about 2" short on both sides, which I guess is industry standard? Anyway, I need help in solving this problem. At first I thought maybe I’d just go to a fabrice store and simply buy sheet material. But as it turns out, quality sheet material is not stocked in typical linen stores. Then I decided to try to find a California King fitted sheet and tuck under the little bit of excess, but that size is nearly impossible to find for less than about $60 just for ONE fitted sheet.

Anybody (Phoenix?) have advice on how to solve this problem?? What exactly is the correct size for a Queen fitted sheet anyway?? If I could find an actual 60" x 80" fitted sheet to match the size of the mattress then that would probably work, but my current sheets are about 2" short on each side. I’ve even seen specs on some packages that are short as well. So I do not know what to believe or to expect when looking at sheet products.

Am looking for a cotton sheet with a thread count of 300-500 range. (Not micro fiber)



Hi Sonic,

Sheet sizes can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and even though a queen fitted sheet should be at least 60" x 80" or more (some will add extra inches) … there are also some that make them a little narrower. You can see an example with the Home Classics fleece sheets here which are only 56" wide. Besides the size … the depth of pocket also needs to be deep enough for your mattress but this shouldn’t be an issue because your mattress is not a “super giant pillow top” :). Different manufacturers also have different types of pockets and some will have more material that goes under the mattress and some have elastic all around the edge and fit more securely than others. Dream fit has a separate cross elastic for the corners and “guarantee” that they will stay secure … but of course they are also fairly expensive (400 thread count egyptian cotton set with two sheets and two pillowcases is about $160). You can also buy sheet clips or straps such as these to keep your sheets in place. You mentioned that your sheet is more taught than you prefer which along with the narrow width and the flexibility of latex (it will give more than stiffer poly or an innerspring so less material under the corners will also contribute to them coming out) is probably combining to cause the problem.

Costco has some very good value 540 thread count supima cotton sheet sets (fitted sheet and top sheet and four (4) pillowcases) for $70 queen which is a great price and they should also work well without coming off (they fit up to 17" mattresses).


Hey Sonic,

Have you tried any knit or jersey cotton sheets like the ones from Lands’ End? They are really great. Here’s the linky:
(Huh, the links I’ve tried to add are broken. Sorry about that.)

They are not a woven cotton like a white button up, but a knit cotton like your favorite t-shirt. The size chart on their site lists them as 60x80 and Lands’ End makes decent items. They may not be what you are looking for but you might want to give them a look. Also, you can order a free swatch of the material and color.


Personally I use organic cotton sheets but I always get them 2" bigger than my mattress. For example, if your latex mattress is 10" thick then buy sheets made for at least a 12" mattress.

I have the Lands End knitted sheets and they are wonderful. Have a 15" height. Can usually find a coupon around online.
I got mine for 89 for the set.