NEED help.. I am so lost

Hello All,

First, thank you for helping me out.

I have had back problems (31 years old) due to my soft but expensive mattress.

I have realized after sleeping in a few hotel beds (Four Seasons and other) and have realized that I need a mattress with more support. I also loved their pillows which I think are the hotel collection pillows at Macy’s which I assume are not real feathers…

The mattress I love is this Signature Mattress | Premium Hotel Mattress | Four Seasons at Home and I can’t seem to find a similar mattress. I considered buying this but it takes way to long to ship and in my opinion is overpriced.

Does anyone have any recommendations for similar mattresses or some of the top mattresses on the market that are similar?

Thanks so much!

Hey Enthusiast,

Welcome to The Mattress Underground :slight_smile: ! Thanks for dropping by and for your question.

Ah, Enthusiast; you must properly introduce yourself in terms of your sleep stats and some sleep history so we can better understand your PPP needs. What is your height, weight, body type, and preferred sleeping position(s)? What type mattress are you currently using and how old is it? What size mattress will you be purchasing and what is your budget? I am sorry to learn of your back problems that seem related to the softness of your mattress; have you ruled out any support issues as well?

It’s good that you have avenues for comparing other types of mattresses, such as hotel stays. Premium hotels compete with one another by offering optimal sleep environments and replace their mattresses often. Some luxury mattress brands are even offering “sleep boutiques”, pairing their bespoke mattresses with a spa-like environment focused on the holistic sleep approach. The Four Seasons collections are quite nice to enjoy during a hotel visit. If you are looking for their pillows, their site indicates that both down & feather, as well as down alternative pillows are available.

Four Seasons’ Signature model is offered in one firmness, which seems to be medium, as the other two models are named Signature Plush and Signature Firm accordingly. Its proprietary contents include a number of gel foams and memory foams over a pocket coil unit; the site doesn’t offer any specs, so there is no meaningful way to understand the components from a durability standpoint or to know what may be a similarly constructed mattress.

The Four Seasons Collection is made by Simmons. There is a good chance that some of TMU’s trusted memberswould have an understanding of what the ingredients might be and could offer you some advice. Hopefully, other consumers will weigh in with their thoughts as well. Good luck with your mattress shopping journey and let us know what you find.

Sensei :wink:

Hey Enthusiast,

Lucky you to sleep in the 4 seasons.

If its a Seally that you can try to do some searches for the mattress and dupes or alternative to try to figure out the similar model to the one you slept on.

I didn’t realize how many hotels sold their mattresses, as it looks like they almost all do! See picture attached of the hotel brands that offer the there own branded mattresses for sale.

The reason is because when you get a chance to sleep on a hotel luxury mattress. You can feel the difference.

Now if your mattress is not for you. It does not mean you need this one 4 seasons mattress, its more that you like the comfort of the style of mattress that you slept on.

So take a look at that and compare what’s inside the mattress.

I work for a family business that’s focus is on affordable luxury. So we make mattresses in the US that have that 4 season quality experience but sell at a much more affordable price.

I can’t open the attachment. Can you DM the Ghostbed equivalents attachment to me?