Need help in changing out Ultimate Dreams Eurotop

Does anyone have experience changing out the top layer of the Dreamfoam eurotop mattress? We purchased this in a level 7, but have not been comfortable on it since we got it 8 days ago. Since we got it, I’ve spent most nights in our guestroom on a 20 year mattress that is pretty firm because I am so uncomfortable on the Dreamfoam.

Initially it doesn’t feel too firm, but as I lay on it I don’t feel the plushness and my lower and mid back starts hurting. If I am at a 7 and have this much discomfort, should I go to a 9 or 10? I don’t want to get it too plush.

I know I am supposed to call them to get help in choosing the right level, and I will, but I wanted to know if anyone has experience in changing out the level of their own bed. I did call before I ordered initially because I was very skeptical about this and wanted to get it right. I was hoping to get more input than I did. Chuck was not rude, but he did not give me much feedback or guidance even after I explained of the different mattresses we tried out and which ones we liked.

I’m pretty bummed out over this and was so desperate for a comfortable bed. Reading the reviews on Amazon had me thinking I couldn’t go wrong with this. I hope eventually that to be the case, but for now, it is a bumpy road.