Need help layering latex on top of continuous coils

Hey y’all, I recently added a 2 inch soft latex topper from to my extra firm continuous coil spring mattress, which I got as a base layer. It’s much better now but I still feel like I’m sinking through the topper and into the mattress itself, especially when I lay on my side, which is painful on my hips because of how hard the mattress is. Would adding a medium density latex layer in between the soft topper and mattress help without giving me a stuck in the mud feeling? If so, what thickness should I choose for the medium density layer? (1, 2, or 3 inch). I’m 5’7, 125 lbs, and sleep on my side and back. I hate the feeling of sinking into my bed and I’d rather err on the side of firm. Thanks!

Hi Schmanyalasagna.

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As a rule, a transition layer that is more firm than your comfort layer can be very useful in preventing sinking through to the coils. 1" latex layers can be quite hard to find, so 2" is likely your safest bet. Is there any foam atop your current mattress? Or is the 2" all you’ve got?


Hi NIkkiTMU, thanks for your reply! All I have now is the 2" soft latex topper (20 ILD, from Sleep on Latex) over the mattress, which is extremely bare bones and has almost nothing on top of the coils. Do you think 2" will be sufficient? Or should I go all the way up to 3"? I’m leaning toward the Naturally Nestled medium density latex (26 ILD) but haven’t ruled out the Sleep EZ medium density latex (30-32 ILD). What do you recommend out of these options?

Hi schmanyalasagna.

As you are on the thinner side, I think 4" of foam total should be completely adequate as you won’t compress those layers the same way someone with a heavier profile will. Generally for side sleepers, which requires the deepest support, 3" - 4" tends to be enough for comfort and support without hurting ones alignment. :slight_smile: