need help making a purchase

Just joined the forum today and totally not sure how to proceed when purchasing a mattress. We are both over 60 and have always loved firm mattresses. Now we need to get a softer one to support our aging bods, if you will.
Went to Sears today and fell in love with the Beautyrest Black Georgianna Ultra Plush Pillow Top. I can get in on line at $2389 FOR A KING SET WITH FREE SHIPPING.
The specs are:

Fire Resistant Fiber
1" GelTouch
1" Plush Comfort Foam

SMOOTH V BORDER: 7849 Warm Gray Spacer
V-Border Height: 7" Offset VF

1/2" AirCoolMemory Foam
2" Plush Comfort Foam

2" Plush Comfort Foam

Variform Smart Response and Adv PC
14.75 ga SR .074 with 17 ga Adv .054

8" Quantum (flange) on H/F Rails

850 (based on Queen)

Ventilated AirCool™ BeautyEdge® Foam Encasement

1/2" Energy Foam Layer

Triton® European Foundation
Regular Foundation 9" High
Low Profile Foundation 5-1/2" High

Since looking at some info at this site I was feeling like I was reading Chinese - so much to try to make sense of -
Could you tell me if this is worth getting since I really did love the feel of it?
Thanks so much

Hi Morgan,

Welcome to the Mattress Forum! :slight_smile:

The information you will find here is very different from what you have probably been exposed to and the first place to start is always post #1 here which will give you all the basic information, steps, and guidelines you need to make the best possible choices. Part of this is knowing what to avoid and what to focus on. As you will see in the mattress shopping guidelines it includes … I would avoid all the major brands and the chain stores and mass market retailers that tend to sell them and focus on the smaller independent manufacturers that either sell factory direct or through better sleep shops. These are the ones that will have the knowledge and experience to help you make better choices and most importantly will tell you the specs of all the layers and components in their mattresses.

The specs you listed for the Georgianna are very incomplete and don’t include the most important “quality specs” which is the type and density of all the foam layers in the mattress. The quality and durability of a mattress is determined by the quality of the materials and components in the mattress and these are not disclosed by the major manufacturers. Any quality of material can be used to make a mattress that feels great in a showroom (you can’t feel quality) … but if they use lower quality/density materials like those that the major manufacturers use … the comfort and support that felt so good in the beginning won’t last and the more rapid loss of comfort and support that comes from softening and changes in lower quality/density materials … particularly in the all important upper layers of the mattress … is not covered by a warranty.

Step 1 is to “reset”, forget what you have come to believe based on marketing information and “brand shopping”, and spend an hour or two reading some of the basic information you will need.
Step 2 is to know what to avoid and what to focus on.
Step 3 is to identify the better retailers and manufacturers in your area.
Step 4 is to test different types of mattresses and material combinations and choose a “finalist” at each retailer or manufacturer.
Step 5 is to compare all your “finalists” and make the final choice between them based on your own “personal value equation”.

The specs they list may as well be Chinese because they are mostly meaningless and don’t include the ones that are the most important (foam density information) and the springs where they do include a little more information are not the weak link of most mattresses anyway.

Like all the major brands or any mattress where you can’t find out the most important quality information you need and where the retailer has no idea of the quality of the mattress they are selling (they don’t know the information you need either and Simmons won’t give it to them) … I would avoid it.


Thanks so much for the quick reply - I will keep looking:)