Need help on Ultimate Dreams Gel Memory Foam


I’m really strongly considering purchasing the Ultimate Dreams gel memory foam mattress, most likely in the 10" option (I’m a back sleeper and tend to prefer a firmer mattress). However, I’ve been lurking through the forums and I’ve noticed that you have said that the gel foam is a 4# particulate type. I’m not sure what to do. Everything I’ve read here suggests I’d be better to sleep in a rat infested barn and come down with the black death than to buy a particulate type foam mattress.

Any thoughts? In every other way the mattresses in the UD gel lineup seem like great values (with the 2.25 lb poly base layer).



Hi evanoliver,

I’m not so sure I’d characterize particulate gel foams in quite the way you did … but it did give me my chuckle for the day :slight_smile:

It’s true that IMO particulate gel memory foams not the best quality or durability of gel memory foam but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t comfortable … just that they won’t likely last as long as the types of gel memory foams that are mixed together as a liquid.

Like all their mattresses though … these are great value but of course each person would need to decide which of the tradeoffs involved in any mattress purchase (including the mattress materials and price) are the most important parts of their personal “value equation”. I would certainly buy their 13" version over the roughly equivalent iComfort Savant which uses the same type and thickness of particulate gel memory foam and the same density and thickness of memory foam with a significantly lower quality base layer but sells for over twice the price or their 10" version which also uses a similar type and thickness of gel memory foam comfort layer but a much better base foam than the roughly equivalent iComfort Insight which also sells for over twice the price.

Everything is a tradeoff with something else.


I am about to order online from Dreamfoam Bedding Amazon storefront. How do I request the free pillow? I do not see a comment or special request section of the order page. Is there a promotional code?

Hi Steffen,

I switched your post to a new thread to help me keep the threads straight :slight_smile:

There is no promotional code but all you have to do is let them know in a reply to the email they send you after your order and you make your firmness selection (with the latex mattresses) or you can call them at the number listed at the bottom of their seller information page here (877-955-5503) to let them know you are a member here. If you are choosing one of their latex mattresses I would suggest calling anyway to discuss your firmness selection.


Thanks for the quick response!