Need help selecting a mattress / vendor in SF Bay area

Hi everyone,

New mattres buyer here, it’s for my wife who has gone completely sour on our old queen crappy knock off bed. We are both side sleepers and not too picky (we dont know what a good bed should even feel like) so I’d love to see if anyone has any suggestions in the SF bay area for mattresses?

Budget for mattress is around 1K or less, King bed. Would pay another K for some type of nice frame or spring?. Looking for soft (that doesnt wane), good quality, value. Also a nice place, preferably in the peninsula of bay area (Palo Alto, San Mateo, or down to SJ up to SF).

Have no preference about memory foam, spring, etc. I do know that heat retention would suck, that’s about the only thing we’d like to avoid.

Hi kainen1,

If you mean a base (foundation or boxspring depending on the type of mattress) for the mattress then I would put the majority of this extra K into the mattress and less of it into the base. Of course if you mean a bedframe that would hold the mattress and the boxspring or foundation, then the extra k would be justified depending on the materials and design you wanted.

Post #2 here includes the factory direct manufacturers and better outlets that I know of in and around the Bay Area. Some may be a little further away than your guidelines but most are “within range”.


Wow, amazing advice. So helpful, thank you!

I ended up going with an Eco Cloud at the Natural Mattress store in Palo Alto (hey also have a couple of other locations in the north Bay). Great place, and I can’t wait to get this bed in our house. Sleeping in my current bed last night was so painful knowing what was coming.

I almost got the Keetsa Tea Cup, almost signed and everything but I was like hang on a second, I remember someone posting about how you should lay on memory foam for a longer period of time to see if you like that ‘molded’ feeling. Sure enough I stopped the sales person (which by the way those guys over there aren’t on commission so it’s so easy and not stressful),took 3-4 min to lay still on my side and it happened, and I totally hated it. It felt really warm and uncomfortable the way it encapsules you.

However with Eco Cloud latex hybrid one, it stayed cool and consistently springy and super comfortable. Not sure if this Unity model had what type of latex but definitely loved it.

Hi Kainen1,

Congratulations on your new mattress :).

The Eco Cloud Unity sounds great and a latex over pocket springs hybrid has a very nice feel and many people love it.

I’d love to hear your feedback when you’ve had a chance to sleep on it for a few days.