Need Help W.Sleep Number Mattress

I apologize ahead of time if I am not doing this correctly. I have never used a forum before, but have been reading a lot on this page.
I have a Select Comfort/Sleep Number bed. It has the adjustable base to raise head and feet. The model is 7000. I need a new topper I believe. There isn’t anything mechanically wrong with the bed or the pumps, etc. But my problem is I go to bed and it feels like I’m laying on my bones no matter the adjustment of air in the bed. I was recently diagnosed and had just underwent brain surgery and have no been able to sleep right one I have to be in upright position and its hard as a side sleeper to lay on back. But before surgery it always felt like I had pressure points all over and the pain was so bad exposed. being diagnosed now w a rare bone disease that actually causes a lot of pain to bones I need something on this bed. Everything I have read and other peoples things they have done and the comments makes it so confusing because of issues being to certain things with different fibers creating mold, etc. It seems like Wool topper filler is the way to go but I am not sure. I look at some prices of these toppers and they can be expensive to sometimes you think just buy a new mattress. So I am obviously on a more budget at this point in life with recent events and surgery and needing additional surgery for 2 more bran tumors and a liver surgery from a rare genetic disease which is why I bought the select comfort years ago after having first liver surgery how hard it was to get up from bed without a bed to raise up to help without using stomach muscles, etc. Well same for brain except I have to sleep sitting up for awhile. So I need some type of cushion to help bones so it actually does not feel like I’m laying direct on bones. I also have a king size bed where when one side goes up the other goes up automatically. I am not Sure if that can be changed so it doesn’t bother husband side or not. I do have the new motor for adjusting the bed because ours did break and it was replaced with the new version so it does have to be suitable for my husband also. He isn’t too picky though.
The topper itself I don’t know if just wore out but under the topper is the egg carton type foam that all looks normal so I need something I THINK that goes in-between those 2 or I take the egg carton thing out? I am not sure. But any recommendation on what to replace or add would be great. I do not Mold, bugs, etc from switching things out. That is where it is confusing for me on here on what people have done, and lately I am a very hot sleeper from the surgery and amount of pain I do wake up sweating like crazy when pain medicine has wore off and before this I was ned onver able to control body temputure on own so if I’m cold I’m cold until I wrap up in warm blanket and then dress for warmth inside house and summer am very hot and aurally have to wear ice vests all day/night so it also has to be something that breaths well I am assuming. This temperature control thing has been a issue for 3 yrs now but I do believe one of my surgeries upcoming this yr at some point which is going to be last one after the tumors/liver are done will correct that issue. But it is not a guarantee. so I’m looking at few issues for a topper/filler etc when getting one. Also, one that won’t break my pocketbook because I’m on a medical leave and my pay has been cut in half and on own insurance at this point which isn’t cheap. So any advise greatly appreciated. I don’t want to replace the bed because when I bought it it was so expensive as it was and my husband was not happy w the price and 10 yrs later im still hear about it. thank you in advance for your help. And I think normally I have my side set to like 35 to 40. so it’s softer and I have tried like 50 and it’s too hard on bones.

Krissy, I have done quite alot with customizing my own Sleep Number setup so I think I can provide you some good suggestions for how to fix yours. Air mattresses have some unique challenges and benefits so the Select Comfort 7000 version should perform just fine for you. I suspect there are some components that are wearing out (esp the foams) on it and causing you to have issues. Before I suggest anything to fix it, there were few years that SN manufactured the 7000 (I believe it was from 2006-2008) so it would be helpful to see exactly what we are dealing with in terms of layers and thicknesses. Can you please take an overall photo of the mattress (no sheets/covers on it) then unzip each of the sections and post a photo of of the layers in there so we can get an idea of the construction. Please also measure the thickness of each layer and post that info as well. Once we have that we can help you create a good game plan for how best to get it to perform well for you again without breaking the bank.

Thank you for the reply. Yes I can get that info I will try and do it yet tonight if possible. Do you know where I would find the serial number for this? And then as soon as my husband gets home I will have him move bed so I can get the pic’s etc.

That would be great. Not sure why you need the serial number? The parts being replaced will not come from Sleep Number unless you want to just bring it back to original, improvements to the mattress would be from aftermarket parts.

Also could you measure the height of the foam side rails (layer where the air chambers sit). They are usually 6" tall but I wanted to make sure they didn’t have something different back then.

ok I finally was able to get moved and some measurements. The top is 3 inch and bottom layer is 6 inch here are some pictures Both sides of the air work just fine too. we double checked everything while we had it apart>

Krissy, thanks for the photos and it’s as I suspected very standard construction for Sleep Number. I’m also glad you checked out the air chambers and pump to make sure you don’t have any issues there either. I would suggest replacing the top with at least 3" of 19-22ILD talalay latex (talalay is better for pressure point relief on adults). Alternatively you could create 2 layers of 2" talalay foam (total of 4" thick) that could allow you some additional customization and a bit of alignment correction (not sure if that’s an issue at all for either of you). In this case I would suggest instead of getting a king size for both layers you should get the support level as 2 Twin XL layers so that both you and your husband can customize it to your liking. Let me know if you need help choosing the right ILDs for this since we’d need to know you and your husband’s heights/weights to be able to recommend anything. Yes, both 3’ and 4" setups will fit inside the cover without issue. Lots of good vendors for talalay latex foam on here too so no worries there.

Are the mattress side rails in good condition still too? If they are too soft when you sit on them then I suggest replacing them with this setup (works great).

Thank you, everything under the top one is like brand new. The only thing is when I unzipped I broke the zipper pull :frowning: now need to figure out if a new pull tab type will work (I hope so) and the replacement stuff I don’t understand that at all, are you saying like the egg carton stuff filling? I don’t think my husband cares he has never even adjusted the bed I am the one that is always changing numbers I just put him at a 50 and if he complains I change it usually when all the dogs are on one side of bed I have to up the number cause of the weight. He is like 5-7 I think 181, I’m 5 ft 105 and no matter my number it hurts everywhere like I’m on cement and every part is a pressure point is what I feels like. I bought a maternity bed pillow a real big one and I actually lay on the pillow I have it in a u shape and each side is under me on both sides but then there is obviously no support in the middle and I am a side sleeper usually but have had to be in a sitting up position but my legs hurts so bad so I need to have them up on top of pillow elevated kind of if that makes sense cause I do get on part on my side its a challenge right now how I’m suppose to sleep and how I am sleeping. How do I contact you without publicly posting my number?

I’ll try to clarify a bit since there’s no private messaging and I’d never suggest putting your phone number on a public forum. I created a drawing for each option so you can see what I mean, but yes, you would be replacing the “eggcrate” foam with latex foam instead. Either design can be changed to also help with alignment if that turns out to be an issue but for now the focus is on pressure point relief.

Option 1 (single 3" layer)

Option 2 ( two 2" layers)

Considering you suffer from what sounds like pressure point pain I would stick with talalay latex only even though it is more expensive than dunlop. Hope this makes sense.

Thank you so much for that. Ok now to find one. I hope I can find it local where it won’t need to be shipped and can use right away. :slight_smile: and hope it works.
Thank you for all your help I will let you know how it turns out. I know when I was reading thru the forum there were different kinds of material etc and I never had any idea on all the different issues things can cause etc. I wish it was local so I could bring business to you for all the help. Cause I can tell you select comfort did not help one bit ! and anywhere else will just try and sell me a new bed.

Krissy, I appreciate the vote of confidence but I don’t own any mattress stores or anything like that. I’m just a fellow DIY’er that was fed up with what was available in the market for mattresses and decided I could do better. Mine still a work in progress but glad I could help you as well. There’s a couple member stores on here that do ship talalay latex (it’s usually very hard to find local, more often it will be dunlop latex) if you need it including Flobeds, Sleep EZ and AZPM. I’m sure any would be willing to help you out if you mention this post to them on the phone so they can see what your plan is to fix your Sleep Number mattress. Very curious how you make out so do keep us posted.