Need help with Simple Life Foundation


First time poster though long time reader. I purchased a Simple Life Tri-Fold Foundation from Brooklyn Bedding and cannot for the life of me get it to “click” into place when I unfold it to flat. It just keeps folding back up and is unusable. I tried Brooklyn Bedding for customer service but since they don’t make it, they don’t provide customer service for it. I called the phone number on the setup guide that came with the mattress from Leggett and Platt, and they’ve never heard of the foundation and also can’t provide customer service for it.

Has anyone else had a problem with getting this thing to stay flat and managed to figure out a secret trick or something?

Brooklyn Bedding told me my only choice is to get a refund on it. which requires me to somehow get it to a Goodwill to donate it, and at this point my life would be so much easier to just figure the thing out! Otherwise I’ve got to borrow a car and someone strong enough to help me carry it out of my house.

Help and guidance much appreciated.


Hi sturm,

There aren’t any “secret tricks” but there are some assembly instructions here and a video here that may be helpful. Did you push down on the middle until you heard a click?



I’ve followed the instructions and watched the video (which is for a bi-fold rather than tri-fold) and it never “clicks” into place. I’ve tried quite a few times at this point. After I push it into place, so it’s lying absolutely flat, it goes right back to starting to fold up again. I’m guessing the lack of a “click” means that something’s not properly locking into place, but I can’t figure out what and the instructions lack any troubleshooting info.



Rats. Sounds like you’re correct - something isn’t clicking into place properly. I saw these at market and they seemed to click into place pretty easily. I’m sorry yours isn’t doing it.

You might want to call Leggett and Platt and see if they can offer any advice. One number I have for them is 800-825-5233. You might have to speak with someone to get transferred to a customer service department.

Good luck!