Need help with topper choice for my innerspring mattress

Hello Phoenix,

I have been reading a lot for the past month and done several searches here for a topper for my 2 year old Sealy Posturepedic Preferred which is in excellent condition,
I am just wanting a softer top until I can buy my new bed.

I came across one of your recommendations for the Seven Comforts Latex Foam Mattress Topper, thought that this would be the perfect topper for me, so I ordered it yesterday in a king from their website, Amazon is sold out of the latex king.

I received an email around 4:00am this morning with a refund on my credit card. There was no explanation or any kind of note. I assume they are out, or just don’t make them anymore? Darn, I thought I had finally found what I was looking for to hold me over until I can buy my new bed.

Anyway, I need to find something else. I am 6’ 2" tall, 185lbs. athletic build and mostly a side sleeper. I crushed about 8" of my sciatic nerve in an accident about 10 years ago and like to sleep soft and cool. So, I guess maybe something King, in the 2" thickness that has a cover, sleeps cool that I can find pretty soon.

I also tried to buy the King Sams Club Aerus 5lb 2.5" memory foam, which looked really good and was priced well but they are sold out of it too. I really thought that was a great value, wish I could find something like that with the bamboo cover and all. Does anyone else something similar at the same $200 price.

You may want to direct me to something else. I appreciate your time and effort here!

Looking forward to your thoughts

Hi stpfun,

You’re sure not having much luck with retailers being in stock!

Did you order the Seven Comforts topper from their Amazon site or from their own site? If you ordered them from their own site here (which lists the king size at a little higher price) and they refunded you then I’m guessing they are either out of them or don’t make them any more. They are not great at customer communication and they have never answered several emails I sent them … although I do like their product.

There are some good latex (and other) topper options linked in post #4 here which may work well for you if your mattress is too firm and still in good condition. I would tend towards being conservative in terms of thickness (2" or less) if you have a Posturepedic because it will have several layers of soft polyfoam in the comfort layers already.

One of our members also sells a similar “lanoodles” latex topper here and while it is very good quality, it is also more costly than the Seven Comforts topper and well above your $200 budget. Another one that is also more costly is here. It may be difficult to find a good quality covered king size topper in this budget range and especially with latex and you may need about another $100 or so to be “in the range”.

Most of the Aerus memory foam toppers are 4 lbs and a quick google search only showed one 5 lb Aerus source but it’s also over your budget.

Overall I would make your choice between the options in the DIY sources post I linked or the links it contains to Cymax, Unbeatable sale, or Sears if you are looking for less expensive memory foam options.


Hi Phoenix,

You’re not kidding about the retailers being out of stock. I new that after I narrowed my choices down to 1 or 2 toppers I wouldn’t be able to find them, go figure.

I ordered the Seven Comforts topper directly from their website, and as I said, they refunded my money the next morning with no explanation. They still have it listed on their site and they don’t have a phone number to contact them. I emailed them asking for an explanation and I got a canned response saying that they had opened a support ticket. I really don’t expect to hear back from them.
I didn’t order the King size from Amazon because it says that it is 65% Latex & 35% Olefin fill fiber, there are no reviews and they only have 1 left. There are some 100% Latex Queens left on Amazon though.

I spent a couple nights going through your recommended sources and did find some nice 2" toppers under the $200. Memory Lane Sensus Memory Foam 2" King 5lb from Comfort Market, and the Comfort Dreams Memory Foam 2" King 4lb looked like something that would be OK for a temporary solution for me or a nice permanent solution for others.

After thinking about it, and coming up with the funds I need, I have decided that I am just going to forgo the topper and apply that money to a new king latex bed and adjustable frame. I may pop in on a few of your other threads from time to time in order to help me make my final decision.

I appreciate your thoughts and time spent helping me and others out on this forum!

Hi stptfun,

That’s strange about the Seven Comforts topper. I hope they end up replying to you but I also didn’t have much luck in getting a response to my emails to them outside of the initial canned response.

Yes … this is a different version from the one I and others on the forum have ordered (which was the queen version of the latex “micro-rods”). Whille Olefin can be a “better” synthetic fiber … it wouldn’t be my first choice either.

Do you have a link to your choices? It may save some people doing some searching. When you are dealing with online “mass market” outlets, the choices available (which also change over time) can be dizzying and descriptions often don’t include the information that you need to make more informed choices which can also be somewhat frustrating. I couldn’t find a Sensus topper on the Comfort Market / Unbeatable Sale site (although they did have many 4 lb Aerus toppers) and I’m not sure where you are looking at the Comfort Dreams. For others that are also looking in this direction I would also make sure that the memory foam was CertiPur certified (or at the very least confirm to your satisfaction that the foam was North American made).

I’ll be happy to help in any way I can when you “pop in” :slight_smile:


Well my post sure wasn’t very informative without the links now was it? Let me have another go at it here.

Memory Lane Sensus Topper |

Comfort Dreams Topper |

As I said in the beginning, I really liked what you had to say about the Seven Comforts Topper that you have, and also read a few other positive posts, and the price was below $200. So when I couldn’t get that, I decided that one of these would probably work out well for me while I was doing research on my bed. I didn’t spend a lot of time confirming whether they were CertiPur certified or North American made, it was basically going to be a disposable item for me after a couple months at the time.

Hope this helps

Hi stptfun,

Thank you :slight_smile:

For the sake of others … the Sensus is CertiPur certified (made by foamex/FXI) and my guess is that the Comfort Dreams would be as well (based on the description) but a call could confirm that for those who are considering it for longer term use.